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Unboxing and Overview of the Google Chrome CR-48

We've all heard of Google's new operating system Google Chrome OS, but how does it work, and does it work well? Well, I have those answers. In the first video you can see what comes in the box. The laptop, a power cord and instructions on powering up and what the keys do. Nothing special, but there doesn't have to be anything special. The computer comes with a removable battery that can stay on for 8 hours. The laptop is very light and has a rubber finish, so no smudges. When you first open up the computer, you see the Chrome logo, and in 10 seconds the computer boots up. After selecting the language, signing in with your Google Account, selecting your WiFi network and taking a picture for your account picture, you are all ready to surf the web. It takes probably two minutes to set up for the first time. After that, that's it. You can set up other user accounts and your sync your info to other Chrome browsers and you're all done. Now onto using the computer, which…

The Sony Mavica - A time before internal storage, and SD Cards

Once apon a time, there... oh, this is just from 2003! It's not that old! But it's definitely something to look at. Here's the Sony Mavica MVC-CD400, the digital camera that stores its files on a pocket CD. Today, that's just crazy, but back at this time, it wasn't too weird. There were not a lot of computers that came with SD Card slots and internal storage was expensive on a small device, and there's one thing almost every computer had: A CD drive. So why not store pictures and video on a CD. But today, there are many limitations to this. One, you can't store a lot. These pocket CDs come with 210 MBs. That's not a lot. The highest setting for pictures gives you about 30 pictures to take. And the video quality is at 320p, which today is very small, and low quality. So while this was a good idea at the time, today, it's out of the loop.

The Future of Schools

Probably in the 80's, people thought that computers would have taken over everything we do, including school. But even today in 2010, we use real life textbooks to learn from in school, and in some cases, chalkboards. Now at my school, every room has a projector and a smart board, so we are a little more advanced than some schools, but we still use paper to learn from. But just think about what could be the future of schools and schoolwork. One thing that has come true at my school is attendance from the internet. But what hasn't yet, are eBooks instead of textbooks. Every school would give a kid an eBook reader and to do the homework on the internet and send by email. Just think how much more efficient not having to keep track of papers would be. And so much more could be changed to be better. But while this sounds good, it has it's issues. If a server is down for the emails or attendance, then students can't send in email, and teachers can't keep track of student…

The Beatles Now on iTunes

The Beatles are finally on the internet. Or iTunes. But this is something that hasn't really happened before. Finally the rights to The Beatles music are now available on iTunes. Here's my opinion on the whole thing.


Fat People and the Fast Food Companies

Today, if you don't like something, the only thing you can do is sue the other person that angered you. And this is extremely true when it comes to the fast food companies. Parents always get angry when the fast food companies advertise toys and other fun stuff to kids, because they don't want their kids to always want to go to an unhealthy restaurant. This even happens with grown people! A person who worked at McDonalds sued the place he worked for because he felt that he needed to "sample" the food he sold. It's like today, people don't want to be held responsible for the things that they have done that turned out bad, and blame others so the other guys look bad. People need to understand that 1: You don't need to go there! Parents need to learn to teach their kids they can't always eat at McDonald's, and grown ups need to tell themselves they can eat somewhere else! And 2: It's not McDonald's problem that you decided to go there. If yo…

Mac OS 10.7 - Good. MacBook Air - Crap.

On October 20th, Apple held their "Back to the Mac" event where they released 3 big things. One of the three was iLife 11. More improvements than the last, free for new macs, $50 for upgrade. I think it should be free like Microsoft thinks so. The second was Mac OS 10.7. For the 8th release of the 10 year old operating system, they brought over some iOS features like an App Store, but for Mac, they brought over a program launcher with characteristics of iOS like the folders, and added FaceTime. The third and last thing they released was a new MacBook Air. The MacBook Air can officially be called a netbook because of its 11 inch screen. The new MacBook Air is a lot like the last generation, but with two USB ports and an SD card slot, which is only on the 13 inch model. I think that the 11 inch screen is something that should've happened a while ago, but still nice to see a netbook sized Mac. What I don't like about this is the price. $1,000 for the low end model! WHAT…

Would you use Google Docs or Microsoft SkyDrive Office?

For a very long time, if you wanted to use a word processor, you would go to the store and buy a copy of Microsoft Office, or AppleWorks. These things aren't cheap. Most of the time, they can cost over $100! But how does free sound? Most of the time, free is good, so if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a word processor and all of the stuff it comes with, why not try out Google Docs or Microsoft SkyDrive Office? Google Docs comes with a word processor, presentation, spreadsheets, drawing, and you can create forms for your website. Here's the thing about Google: They make stuff that works good and is good! From writing an essay, to presenting to your company, the Google Docs suite comes with almost everything you need to make it work great. The only downside is the word processor doesn't really tell you how many pages you have typed up, and the presentation webware doesn't allow you to have action buttons to go to another slide. But still you get so much for…

Google is taking over the world

If you don't know what Google is, have you been living under a rock? They're everywhere! Web search, shopping, cell phones, internet, television, etc, but now your car! Google has created a car that drives itself! And believe it or not, is safer and faster than a human driver. Only one accident has been reported and it was not Google's fault. Google is taking over everything! If you would like to leave a reply to this, tweet your reply with #AGV in the tweet.

Updates to the channel, and the website.

Note: This post was from the AnthonyGVideos Blog. It does not represent this website.

As you know, I have made a new YouTube channel EpicAnthonyTV, link in the links box. That channel is for sketch comedy videos and anything I find funny, or at least amusing. And I have AnthonyGVideos for technology. Except, I find myself having more fun doing a comedy video than a video on tech. While technology is a topic I still enjoy, I like doing EpicAnthonyTV videos more. So I have decided to change the style of AnthonyGVideos. Since the name AnthonyGVideos is not linked to any specific topic, it doesn't have to be related to tech, which is why I chose this channel name. So I have decided to make AnthonyGVideos a channel where I can vlog, or do things that aren't funny. That is all I am doing. I am not closing the account or abandoning it. Now to the website. As you can see if you are on the homepage, I have made the website into a blog. I find the blog format to look better than the prev…

Want a website? Here are some ways to make them.

Do you want a website? Well, it isn't that hard when you know what to look for and what to do. A website starts with getting a domain name. There are many choices to choose from here. I use Google Apps, which allows you to create a number of email addresses if you want many people to be a part of a site, and those people can make their own websites under the domain you choose. Other choices are GoDaddy, Enom, and many others that you can do a search on. Now that you've got your domain name, it's time to make the site. There are many ways to do this as well. You can make it yourself using software and some knowledge of HTML, or you can go the "easy" way and go with a platform that makes it for you. If you are looking for something where you don't need to host anything, you can go with, Blogger, Google Sites, and Tumblr. If you want to make your website anyway you want, and you don't mind paying extra for hosting fees, you can use WordPress.or…

Mac OS 10 on non-Apple hardware? Not gonna happen!

Everyone knows what this logo is for. Apple. The computer, music player, software and phone company that everyone knows about. One of their products that is well known is Mac OS X, the OS for the Apple computers. But why does it just have to be Apple computers? They run on Intel, so shouldn't it work on my PC! Well, it does, but you're not supposed to. It breaks the EULA you have to agree to. And if they find out you are running Mac OS X on an unauthorized machine, it won't be pretty. But what if Apple allowed Mac OS X on any kind of computer? I've wondered this myself, because if it was legal, I'd put OS X on my computer because I like it. But Apple does this for a reason. They keep their software on their hardware because they know what works right, and what is compatible. This keeps the operating system running smooth, and the way it should. But it would be nice to see OS X someday coming to the PC and Mac. Apple and Microsoft would dominate the computer industr…

My new sketch channel!

Note: This post is out-dated.

You might be a tech junkie, or a person that likes comedy. Well, if you want more comedy from me, good news, I have a new sketch comedy channel! EpicAnthonyTV is the username, and it is a part of 4 other sketch comedy channels, so you can find the person that fits your type of humor! Go check out the YouTube Page, Follow the Twitter, and check out the website for more on this channel!Here's the first video!

My All Time Favorite Movies

Many people have their favorite movies of all time posted online, so I thought why not. The following movies are in no specific order.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad
Better Off Dead
Toy Story, 2, 3
Pirates of Silicon Valley
The Late Shift
Hot Shots
Blue Harvest
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Napoleon Dynamite

These are just a few.

Buy stuff from me!

Are you naked? Cold? Then buy some clothes from me! And while you're at it, why not customize your car, the way you hold beverages, and the way your camera looks! All this and more at my new Shop! And the best part? I don't make a single buck! That's right! So what are you waiting for? Go get un-naked today!

EDIT: This post is outdated, and the link does not exist.

I have a new website!

Are you bored? Nothing to do? Then you should check out! Sign up for free and you can play over 5,000 (sorry, it's not over 9,000) games, chat with friends, create groups, blog about games, and much more! If you would like to friend me, my username is ynkno13. So the next time you are bored, try out!

EDIT: This post is outdated and the link does not exist.

AdBlocker kills websites

"What?" Actually it can. Websites make their money from web advertisements, and in most cases is their only form of income. So if most of the people that visit the website have an ad blocker on, they lose money that they could've earned, and might have to downsize their website significantly. Some websites have been forced to shut down because they weren't making enough money to operate on. So the next time you see a pop-up or "CLICK HERE TO WIN AN IPAD!", think about how you are helping the company out.

Google Apps

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As you probably noticed, you are on WAIT, WHAT?! Yes, I bought, for two reasons. #1 - is WAY too long. #2 - I wanted a personalized email address. What I didn't know when I first signed up is how much you get for $10. I bought the Standard edition, which gives you up to 50 email addresses and personalized everything. You get a website maker, a calendar, office suite, and of course, email. You get to personalize the logo you want for the top left corner, where the Google logo usually is, so people that sign in know they aren't just using Google. Because you can create personalized websites, I was thinking about letting people have a blog on the AGV site, where you would make your own personalized website under [your website name] If you are interested in doing this, please email me at B…

My opinion on Google Moderator

Google has given content producers the ability to get feedback and let their viewers ask questions. That is all done with something that has been released to the public, called Google Moderator. Google Moderator is a forum where people can ask questions, suggest things, and submit ideas to a topic. If you go to, you can make your own Nickname and location for others to see, and then you can get started posting on forums or making your own series. You can have people link to your series, or put it on your YouTube channel, like I have. I have also put a series in an iFrame on my website, at "ask me anything" and "channel survey." 

AnthOS: A slightly new operating system.

Note: This post is out-dated.

With the help of, I made my own linux distro. AnthOS, based on KDE 4 Desktop. After you install AnthOS, you already get over 600 necessary programs to help you. Everything from an internet browser, to an office suite. All at no price. To download, please visit the official AnthOS website.

My favorite iPhone apps

Here are some of my favorite iPhone apps so far. Soundrop, Alpine Crawler World, Doodle Jump, and Echofon Pro.

Soundrop is a simple app meant for when you are bored, or just want to make your own beat. You draw lines and when the ball hits the line, it makes a tune. When you make many lines, many tunes are made, and you make a beat.
Alpine Crawler World is the sequel to Alpine Crawler. You drive three 4WD cars on tracks to win the grand SUV.
Doodle Jump is the most addicting game evar. You get the doodle to jump on leaf things until you reach the highest score.
Echofon Pro is both a Twitter client and a Facebook client. It makes organizing your social media life easier.

Links to apps in App Store:
Alpine Crawler World:
for iPhone:
for iPad:

Welcome to my blogs page!

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My thoughts after using the iPad

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After using the iPad for twenty minutes in the Apple Store, I really want the iPad now. The iPad is like an iPod touch, but you want to use it for the internet because of it's 9 inch screen. Some websites have made special editions of it for the iPad. I don't like watching video on it because it is not widescreen. While videos look good, sometimes it zooms in too much to fill the screen, and parts of the video get cut. The photo gallery is something that someone who wants a digital photo frame, but I would never use it. The iPod app is very much like a mobile iTunes. Third party apps are great. Although playing games is not so great. I played a racing game on it, and steering isn't easy. If I could get it, it would probably replace the laptop if I wanted to be on the internet and be mobile. But if you can get it, try it out first. You might like it.

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