My thoughts after using the iPad

After using the iPad for twenty minutes in the Apple Store, I really want the iPad now. The iPad is like an iPod touch, but you want to use it for the internet because of it's 9 inch screen. Some websites have made special editions of it for the iPad. I don't like watching video on it because it is not widescreen. While videos look good, sometimes it zooms in too much to fill the screen, and parts of the video get cut. The photo gallery is something that someone who wants a digital photo frame, but I would never use it. The iPod app is very much like a mobile iTunes. Third party apps are great. Although playing games is not so great. I played a racing game on it, and steering isn't easy. If I could get it, it would probably replace the laptop if I wanted to be on the internet and be mobile. But if you can get it, try it out first. You might like it.


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