My favorite iPhone apps

Here are some of my favorite iPhone apps so far. Soundrop, Alpine Crawler World, Doodle Jump, and Echofon Pro.

Soundrop is a simple app meant for when you are bored, or just want to make your own beat. You draw lines and when the ball hits the line, it makes a tune. When you make many lines, many tunes are made, and you make a beat.
Alpine Crawler World is the sequel to Alpine Crawler. You drive three 4WD cars on tracks to win the grand SUV.
Doodle Jump is the most addicting game evar. You get the doodle to jump on leaf things until you reach the highest score.
Echofon Pro is both a Twitter client and a Facebook client. It makes organizing your social media life easier.

Links to apps in App Store:
Alpine Crawler World:
for iPhone:
for iPad:


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