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AdBlocker kills websites

"What?" Actually it can. Websites make their money from web advertisements, and in most cases is their only form of income. So if most of the people that visit the website have an ad blocker on, they lose money that they could've earned, and might have to downsize their website significantly. Some websites have been forced to shut down because they weren't making enough money to operate on. So the next time you see a pop-up or "CLICK HERE TO WIN AN IPAD!", think about how you are helping the company out.

Google Apps

Note: This blog post is out-dated. It is from

As you probably noticed, you are on WAIT, WHAT?! Yes, I bought, for two reasons. #1 - is WAY too long. #2 - I wanted a personalized email address. What I didn't know when I first signed up is how much you get for $10. I bought the Standard edition, which gives you up to 50 email addresses and personalized everything. You get a website maker, a calendar, office suite, and of course, email. You get to personalize the logo you want for the top left corner, where the Google logo usually is, so people that sign in know they aren't just using Google. Because you can create personalized websites, I was thinking about letting people have a blog on the AGV site, where you would make your own personalized website under [your website name] If you are interested in doing this, please email me at B…