Mac OS 10 on non-Apple hardware? Not gonna happen!

Everyone knows what this logo is for. Apple. The computer, music player, software and phone company that everyone knows about. One of their products that is well known is Mac OS X, the OS for the Apple computers. But why does it just have to be Apple computers? They run on Intel, so shouldn't it work on my PC! Well, it does, but you're not supposed to. It breaks the EULA you have to agree to. And if they find out you are running Mac OS X on an unauthorized machine, it won't be pretty. But what if Apple allowed Mac OS X on any kind of computer? I've wondered this myself, because if it was legal, I'd put OS X on my computer because I like it. But Apple does this for a reason. They keep their software on their hardware because they know what works right, and what is compatible. This keeps the operating system running smooth, and the way it should. But it would be nice to see OS X someday coming to the PC and Mac. Apple and Microsoft would dominate the computer industry. Leave a comment below, if you are signed into Google, and you can voice your opinion, or tweet your opinion and put "#AGV" in the tweet without the quotes.


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