Mac OS 10.7 - Good. MacBook Air - Crap.

On October 20th, Apple held their "Back to the Mac" event where they released 3 big things. One of the three was iLife 11. More improvements than the last, free for new macs, $50 for upgrade. I think it should be free like Microsoft thinks so. The second was Mac OS 10.7. For the 8th release of the 10 year old operating system, they brought over some iOS features like an App Store, but for Mac, they brought over a program launcher with characteristics of iOS like the folders, and added FaceTime. The third and last thing they released was a new MacBook Air. The MacBook Air can officially be called a netbook because of its 11 inch screen. The new MacBook Air is a lot like the last generation, but with two USB ports and an SD card slot, which is only on the 13 inch model. I think that the 11 inch screen is something that should've happened a while ago, but still nice to see a netbook sized Mac. What I don't like about this is the price. $1,000 for the low end model! WHAT?! Didn't you learn anything from the last generation! It's way too expensive! I still don't see what costs $1,000 on the computer because the specs are the lowest from every other Mac! I would've loved to buy this computer if not for the price tag! The most expensive netbook I found while doing a Google search was $699. Apple could've run a big part of the netbook industry, but not the way it is now.


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