Updates to the channel, and the website.

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As you know, I have made a new YouTube channel EpicAnthonyTV, link in the links box. That channel is for sketch comedy videos and anything I find funny, or at least amusing. And I have AnthonyGVideos for technology. Except, I find myself having more fun doing a comedy video than a video on tech. While technology is a topic I still enjoy, I like doing EpicAnthonyTV videos more. So I have decided to change the style of AnthonyGVideos. Since the name AnthonyGVideos is not linked to any specific topic, it doesn't have to be related to tech, which is why I chose this channel name. So I have decided to make AnthonyGVideos a channel where I can vlog, or do things that aren't funny. That is all I am doing. I am not closing the account or abandoning it. Now to the website. As you can see if you are on the homepage, I have made the website into a blog. I find the blog format to look better than the previous homepage where it was just my latest video and a Twitter box. And the blog is connected to my Twitter, so whenever I post a blog, like this, if you are following me you will see it. Another update to the website is I am disabling "The AGVers." Originally, this was supposed to be a social network where tech enthusiasts could "unite", but it failed. No one went to it, so I see no reason to continue using it. I am also disabling my Q&A website. Again, no one asked any questions, so it will be turned off, only being used to host the allsites.anthonygvideos.com page. Hopefully these changes will be for the better, and everything will work out. I apologize to those who liked these sites, but I don't see a reason to continue them. If you have any comments, or suggestions, click the Contact Metab for all the ways to get in touch with me.

- Anthony Guidetti


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