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The Future of Schools

Probably in the 80's, people thought that computers would have taken over everything we do, including school. But even today in 2010, we use real life textbooks to learn from in school, and in some cases, chalkboards. Now at my school, every room has a projector and a smart board, so we are a little more advanced than some schools, but we still use paper to learn from. But just think about what could be the future of schools and schoolwork. One thing that has come true at my school is attendance from the internet. But what hasn't yet, are eBooks instead of textbooks. Every school would give a kid an eBook reader and to do the homework on the internet and send by email. Just think how much more efficient not having to keep track of papers would be. And so much more could be changed to be better. But while this sounds good, it has it's issues. If a server is down for the emails or attendance, then students can't send in email, and teachers can't keep track of student…

The Beatles Now on iTunes

The Beatles are finally on the internet. Or iTunes. But this is something that hasn't really happened before. Finally the rights to The Beatles music are now available on iTunes. Here's my opinion on the whole thing.


Fat People and the Fast Food Companies

Today, if you don't like something, the only thing you can do is sue the other person that angered you. And this is extremely true when it comes to the fast food companies. Parents always get angry when the fast food companies advertise toys and other fun stuff to kids, because they don't want their kids to always want to go to an unhealthy restaurant. This even happens with grown people! A person who worked at McDonalds sued the place he worked for because he felt that he needed to "sample" the food he sold. It's like today, people don't want to be held responsible for the things that they have done that turned out bad, and blame others so the other guys look bad. People need to understand that 1: You don't need to go there! Parents need to learn to teach their kids they can't always eat at McDonald's, and grown ups need to tell themselves they can eat somewhere else! And 2: It's not McDonald's problem that you decided to go there. If yo…