The Sony Mavica - A time before internal storage, and SD Cards

Once apon a time, there... oh, this is just from 2003! It's not that old! But it's definitely something to look at. Here's the Sony Mavica MVC-CD400, the digital camera that stores its files on a pocket CD. Today, that's just crazy, but back at this time, it wasn't too weird. There were not a lot of computers that came with SD Card slots and internal storage was expensive on a small device, and there's one thing almost every computer had: A CD drive. So why not store pictures and video on a CD. But today, there are many limitations to this. One, you can't store a lot. These pocket CDs come with 210 MBs. That's not a lot. The highest setting for pictures gives you about 30 pictures to take. And the video quality is at 320p, which today is very small, and low quality. So while this was a good idea at the time, today, it's out of the loop.


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