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Amazon Kindle Fire Unboxing


Happy Wheels Play-Through Episode 1


Why I Switched from an iPhone


iOS 5.0.1 Update Only Fixes Battery Problems For Some

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A Week with Windows Phone Mango

Microsoft released their mobile operating system Windows Phone Mango on September 27th with little talk from the tech community, even though it deserved it. In my opinion Windows Phone has been one of the most well-integrated phones you can buy. With the new Mango upgrade, this point gets even more proven.

While some of the new features to Mango are just catching up to iOS and Android, like voice control with more commands and in more of the apps, and a unified inbox, but most of the new features are things you'd expect from iOS and Android. One example is sharing photos. Instead of just having SMS, and email, Windows Phone allows you to share to Facebook out of the box. If you have any apps installed like Twitter or Wordpress, they automatically get added to your Sharing list in the photo menu. Another example are the new features to Bing. Bing isn't just a search engine anymore. With the new Scout feature, you can find places to eat and drink, see and do, shop and the highlig…

Steve Jobs will never be forgotten

Today, October 5th, 2011, Steve Jobs has passed away. The man who helped pioneer and revolutionize the personal computer, reinvented the music, phone and tablet industry, and started a company that creates amazing movies that remain in our hearts.

In 1977, he and his friend Steve Wozniak started a company in his parents garage. Making computers that were easy to use and that ordinary people would want to use. In 1984, Apple released the Macintosh, the first commercially successful computer with a Graphical User Interface, otherwise known as the GUI. After being fired from John Scully by the board, Steve left to create another computer company called NeXT and to buy LucasFilms animation division now known as Pixar. NeXT is a less-known company that created an advanced operating system that blew away Windows and Macintosh System 7.5. By creating the dock, and many visual effects we take for granted today like a window that moves with the mouse as you move it. After Apple began to sink …

Atari To Release Old-Style Joystick For iPad

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Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7 Unboxing


I like Back to the Future, but not the sequels

Everyone has seen or at least heard of Back to the Future. It's one of the best movies made in the 80's. It's written cleverly, and there are no continuity errors. Everything that happens in the movie has a role in making the future different. The movie is brilliant. The sequels however, are not.

Part II is the worst of the three, and not about how the future of the movie is no where close to the now future. The movie has a lot of flaws. First of all, why does Marty's kids look exactly like him? I know it's a joke, but why doesn't Marty's dad look exactly like him? It's just kind of a weird part of the movie. I'm not too fond of the way Marty deals with bullying. Specifically when someone calls him a chicken. Why does he react to it so often. You'd think he'd get over it in the future, but no. It's someone I don't like about sequels: never having your character change. I did think that Marty buying the sports almanac was realistic. Wh…

Adobe's New Website Builder Muse Makes Creation Easier

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Late Night Shows As I See It

Recently, I got into the Late Show with David Letterman and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I consider myself a fan because I watch the shows almost every night, but I don't consider myself a late night talk show expert. But I'll try to explain my thought process as best I can.

On August 12, 2011, TBS announced they were canceling Lopez Tonight, the first late night talk show on TBS and the lowest rated. It first aired in November of 2009, and personally, I wasn't a fan. I just felt the show lacked something, oh what is it. Oh yeah, comedy. And many people agreed. It didn't bring in big numbers. But when Conan left The Tonight Show in a big media uproar, Conan signed a deal with TBS. With Conan Feeling hesitant about the deal, Lopez himself persuaded him to take the show. With TBS hoping to bring big ratings and sustain Conan's audience to watch Lopez's show now moved to midnight, the plan backfired. With a declining viewership in Conan's show, Lope…

Apple to sell $999 iMacs to Schools

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Reverse Scrolling on the Mac

Recently, Apple released their new operating system, 10.7 Lion. With this upgrade came many new features including full-screen apps, system-wide auto save and the most controversial feature: reverse scrolling. On an iOS device, to scroll, you take two fingers and push up to scroll down, and down to scroll up. Sounds confusing, but it is incredibly intuitive. It's like moving a piece of paper. So Apple figured because they sell two multi-touch mice, it would be a great idea. However, to most, it is confusing. Many bloggers have reported they couldn't get used to it as fast as the iPhone. In my opinion, I could get used to it very fast. I went to the Apple Store before I saw the Harry Potter movie, because at my mall they are in the same place. After using the Magic Mouse and Trackpad and getting used to the initial "oh yeah, it's been changed" it just became second nature when scrolling. Especially in Final Cut Pro X, going through the timeline was very smooth. T…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 - Review from a HarryPotter n00b

I've never read the books, way too long. I've only seen three Harry Potter movies: the first, part one, and now part two. But after seeing these three movies, I don't think I've missed out on much. I'm sure someone would disagree with me, but I'm just not that interested in the series. Besides, I can just assume that something evil happened, maybe someone died and Harry saved the day. I will admit that because I haven't seen the other movies, I don't really know the characters that well, so I'm not sure how they are supposed to act. In the first part, I didn't know if Ron's jealousy of Harry leading the way was a recurring event. But nonetheless it was a good movie. Some scenes felt a little stretched out, but I hear it's just like the book.

In part two, I felt they did a good job of not going through a "previously on Harry Potter" montage because I'm almost certain everyone watching the movie saw the last one, unless ther…

Adobe Launches HTML5 Web Animation Tool - Adobe Edge


Question from Tumblr:


My iPhone.

Mikael: How to add the Google +1 (plus one) button to Tumblr

Link: Mikael: How to add the Google +1 (plus one) button to Tumblr

Adding the Google +1 button to your Tumblr site is quick and easy.

Choose which configuration of the +1 button you want: +1 Webmaster Configuration Tool
Visit your Tumblr Dashboard, click on ‘Customize’
Click on ‘Theme’ on the menu bar and enable custom HTML
Copy the following code as required by Google and place it in the correct area:

<!— Place this tag in your head or just before your close body tag —>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Then, copy this code:


Place it before the {block:ContentSource} tag
Click ‘Save’

Please let me know if this works for your Tumblr site. Any other tips & suggestions?

Amazon Drops In-App Store Button Due to New Apple Rules

Roku Reveals Video Game Enabled Players

Link: Roku Reveals Video Game Enabled Players

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iPhone 3GS Price Drop Again

Link: iPhone 3GS Price Drop Again

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Apple releases new MacBook Air, 10.7 Lion

Today Apple released their long-awaited Mac OS 10.7 Lion operating system, along with a faster MacBook Air and Mac mini with Thunderport and i5 and i7 processors. The Mac mini has gotten rid of its DVD drive. The MacBook has been discontinued.

Get An Invite To Spotify

Link: Get An Invite To Spotify

If you’d like to get into the wonderful music streaming service Spotify a little sooner (like I did - and I’m loving it -) Ashton Kutcher has somewhat of a back door for you.

Google to rename Blogger and Picasa online services

Link: Google to rename Blogger and Picasa online services

In order to unify its products, Google has decided to rename the acquired online services Blogger, their blogging platform purcashed in 2003, and Picasa, their photo platform purchased in 2004. It is assumed that Google with call rename them to Google Blogs and Google Photos. Google has rebranded… - My new URL Shortener!

anthonyguidettiold: is up and running! You can now shorten your URLs with my shortener!

I have a URL shortener now!

Today, I got for a great price and I will be using it as a URL shortener… at least for me. Maybe down the line, or in a couple of hours (depending on if I can figure it out) I will release it to the public. So my links will all be in the link!

2009 Ford Taurus Unboxing


You should listen to Malisson Radio every Friday!


Google to make Chrome OS tablets

When the Google Chrome CR-48 laptop was released to applicants of its Pilot Program, the world saw how an internet OS could work on a laptop. But with tablets poping up from almost every company, it's no surprise that Google wants to enter the market with Chrome OS. If you didn't know, Chrome OS is an operating system that boots into Google Chrome. The whole computer turns into a web browser, which is what most people use their computer for. What would you think of a tablet with only a web browser? Leave your opinion below.

Old Time Footage From the 1908!

Roku XD Overview and Review

Considering cutting cable and just keeping the internet? The Roku could be for you. The Roku is a content streaming device that plugs into your TV or projector and plays internet services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and many more. When you first unbox the Roku, it comes with an easy to use remote, and RCA cables. The Roku can be used with either a standard 4:3 TV or an HDTV with 720p or 1080p, depending on which model you chose. Once you have the device all plugged in, you have to select which way you want to connect the Roku to the internet, either by wired or wireless. Then you create your Roku account, and you're all set. The Roku was originally designed for Netflix, but even if you don't have Netflix account or any other online subscription, you can still use other channels you download in the Channel Store, such as Pandora,, Revision3 and my favorite: Crackle, which lets you watch your favorite Columbia Pictures movies, for free. I use Hulu Plus…

Video Game Rewind - The Simpsons Hit and Run Review


New iOS 4.3 Update Brings a Better Safari and Personal Hotspot

Apple's mobile operating system iOS has received an update today that brings improvements to software and hardware. The first new thing is AirPlay enhancements. Now you can view slideshows from one device to another. The next update is Safari performance. Safari now comes with the new Nitro JavaScript engine. Next is iTunes Home Sharing, which is similar to AirPlay, but can stream from iTunes on your computer. An update many iPad owners have waited for is an option to have the switch on the side to be a silent switch, or rotation lock. The iPad originally came with the switch for rotation lock, but when iOS 4 came out, they changed it to a silent switch which mutes your iPad. Now you have a choice. And last, the new update comes with the long anticipated Personal Hotspot. Where ever you are, as long as you have 3G, you can turn your iPhone 4 into a mobile hotspot using the data you already have for your phone. So it's free tethering, but if you weren't grandfathered into t…

iPad 2 is Better Than a Laptop?!

iPad 2 to have faster processor and thinner design

On March 2nd, Apple announced the iPad 2. This new iPad included a FaceTime camera, a faster processor, thinner design, and a choice between a black or white colored iPad. Apple has decided to drop the iPad case they designed by replacing it with a cover that magnetically attaches to the device. The cover comes in many colors, and can be used to cover the screen when not in use and as a stand, by folding to the back . The new iPad can also mirror whatever is on the display through either HDMI, VGA, composite, and component cables. It is also compatible with the wireless Apple keyboard. Apps that come with the iPad and that can be purchased include FaceTime for video calling to friends on another iPad 2, iPod Touch 4th generation, iPhone 4, and on a Mac. The iWork suite of office applications can be downloaded as well as iMovie, Garageband and iBooks. If you have other iOS devices or an Apple TV, you can enable AirPlay which will have all content you have on your iOS device be shared o…

Faster Everything Comes to the MacBook Pro

When you buy from Apple, you usually buy a computer with the fastest and up-to-date hardware. With the new MacBook Pro line, this makes that fact more clear. The first improvement is every MacBook Pro can get up to an Intel i7 processor, which means these laptops will be very fast. The 15 inch and 17 inch can get the quad-core i7 processor. Another improvement is Apple has introduced the Thunderbolt port, which plugs into the MiniDisplay Port unfortunately, that can get up to 10 Gbps of data transfer. Another big improvement is better graphics. The new models include the AMD Radeon graphics processor, which gives the MacBook Pro up to 3x faster than earlier models. The last big improvement is an HD webcam built in to the laptop screen. So when you're FaceTiming your friends, they can see you in crystal clear HD, which probably isn't that clear because most built-in webcams are really bad, but hopefully Apple changes this trend of crappy webcams. What do you think of the new Ma…

Jolicloud: The Online OS

Netbooks usually ship with very slow hardware, and Windows. Now there's nothing wrong with Windows, but when Windows is mixed with slow hardware, you're in for a bad time. So if people actually want to use their netbooks, they download a Linux distribution. If you're looking for an easy to use Linux distro that will work fast and be able to control it from anywhere, consider Jolicloud. Jolicloud is based on Gnome, which is a flavor of Linux used by Ubuntu and many other solid distributions, and Chromium. It comes with internet apps, and you can download apps for Linux so if you need to use or Skype, you can. If you have some old computers lying around that are extremely slow, Jolicloud can make them seem like they're new again. A great feature to it is if you want to customize it or get info from it somewhere else, you can install the Jolicloud Chrome app so you can reach everything from anywhere. Like all Linux distros, it's free and can be download…

Driving to Work

When do you join Social Networks?

The internet is full of social networks these days. Thanks to MySpace, everyone wants to try to create the next thing. The next thing gets created almost everyday, but when they first come out, do you instantly join? I usually join networks when they get popular. I didn't join Facebook for a while, same with Twitter. I usually wait for social networks to gain members so I am not just using something no one else is on. The only other networks I am on that are not as popular are orkut and Google Buzz. Do you join social networks when they first come out, or wait for them to get popular? Leave your opinion below.

IBM's Watson: Smarter than a human?

With computers becoming faster and smarter everyday, sometimes it seems like they are smarter than a human. Well, Jeopardy and IBM are going to see if that's true or not. Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter have come back for a three day special to see if a brain can beat a supercomputer. After the first day, it looks like Watson has won with $77,147,  Ken with $24,000 and Brad with $21,600. I think we can all predict how the game will end. What is your opinion on this three day Jeopardy special? Leave your comment below.

Justin Bieber. Who cares?!

I just want to start out by saying no offense to any of his fans. This is just my opinion on him. I really didn't think he needed a movie. We all know who Justin Bieber is, and if you don't, then you must be living under a rock that doesn't get cable, internet access or any source of news, because some rocks do at least get cable. Some people love Justin Bieber, mostly 12 year old girls, and most people hate him, because he sounds like a girl. But why does he need a movie? From the previews it looks like a documentary/concert movie about his life and scenes from a concert. Honestly, if we really wanted to know at what age he started singing, we could just use Wikipedia, or his website! Why pay $30 to get this information and go see a concert when you can look one up on YouTube for free?! But that's just what I think. If it were someone I liked, I probably still wouldn't see a movie like this. Leave your opinion below about the movie, or what you think of Justin Bie…

Makin' Some Soup

Apple to Make Smaller, Cheaper iPhones

Android phones come in many shapes and sizes, and HP's webOS is doing the same. So of course, Apple has to join in, late as usual (Netbooks to MacBook Air, SD Card Slot). So to get more people on iPhones, they will be releasing smaller iPhones at smaller prices. To me, this idea might work, but I honestly can't see how it would. iOS is made to work only with the iPhones today, and they have the same screen sizes. So, I can't see how they could make the screens smaller if everything has been made for the one screen size. What do you think out this? This isn't coming out anytime soon, or at least until July, but if you have an opinion, leave it down below in the comments.

Verizon iPhone Launch Fail?

Usually getting a new iPhone on the first day means you'll have to go through humongous lines and the possibility that they will be sold out in an hour of the store being opened. But when we heard that Verizon was getting the iPhone, everyone thought that there would be even larger lines. I mean, people have asked for this for 4 years so everyone must be switching, right?! Well, this wasn't what happened. There were the fanboys who got there at 6 in the morning, but the lines weren't that large. More like 10 people waiting. Compare that to a block of people waiting in line. Why weren't there as many people as the AT&T; iPhone? Is it because people wanted to wait for their contract to end, or do people not care as much as they said they did? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

I think my next phone will be Android

I've had my iPhone for a year now, and my contract will end in August, and I want to get a new phone as fast I can. My iPhone 3G is very slow and I won't be able to get the new iPhone updates in the future, so I don't want to buy another iPhone if the same thing will happen to me. So even though I have a couple months to think about it, I think my next phone will be an Android phone. Google has been very good to Android, and it's become the number one mobile OS, so why not! I've also been thinking about a Windows Phone 7 because it just looks pretty cool. What is your phone? Leave a comment below.

Could Honeycomb overtake the iPad?

Apple’s iPad has become a great seller for Apple, so like many other Apple products, many companies are trying to get some customers with their tablets based on Android. But the current version of Android isn’t meant for a large screen that tablets have. So what’s Google’s solution? Make a tablet OS! Honeycomb is Android, built for tablets. And from the looks of it, it looks pretty epic. But is it enough to overtake the iPad? Leave your opinion below.

Facebook or Twitter: Who will die first?

When you think social networking, two names come to mind: Twitter and Facebook. Today, they are the top social networks. But as we’ve learned from MySpace, they don’t always last forever, and sometimes die unexpectedly. So that makes me wonder, which one will lose thunder first? Even though Facebook and Twitter are two totally different sites, they get grouped together because they both allow you to connect with people. It’s crazy to think which will end first because Facebook got more hits than Google! But if I had to guess which one will end first, I would say Facebook. The reason is Facebook does so much, someone else could offer a better version of it. In fact many other companies have tried, like Google with orkut. But Twitter is its own thing. Twitter is a mini-blog that lets anyone, even unregistered to the site, access. Facebook is a social network for you to talk with your friends and a mini-blog, but you have to be a member of the site to use it. So more people can try Twitt…

I Just Bought a Lenovo IdeaCentre K320

Yesterday I bought the Lenovo IdeaCentre K320! It has an i3 Processor at 3.2 Ghz, 6 GB of memory, and a 1 TB hard drive. This computer is pretty fast! The reason that I bought it is because the laptop I own is an Acer Aspire 5532, that has a 1.6 Ghz AMD processor, 3 GB of memory and a 160 GB hard drive. When you edit videos and do a lot of processor intensive things, it can take a very long time. So to be more efficient and have the capability to do more with my work, I bought this. So far after a day of use, I can tell a major difference between my laptop. I don’t have to worry about filling up my hard drive, which is getting close on the laptop, and I don’t have to wait an hour to export a 3-4 minute video in 480p. So the reason I chose this over a laptop, is because desktops are faster for less money, and desktops are more easily expandable. So if you are looking for a fast desktop, consider the IdeaCentre.

Oh yeah, I've got homework.

Custom Made Speakers and a new Computer

Video Coming Soon!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! I know this post is a day late, but I just wanted to say happy new year to all of my followers. Do you make any new years resolutions? I don't because I know I won't do them, but if you do, click here to tweet your response!