Jolicloud: The Online OS

Netbooks usually ship with very slow hardware, and Windows. Now there's nothing wrong with Windows, but when Windows is mixed with slow hardware, you're in for a bad time. So if people actually want to use their netbooks, they download a Linux distribution. If you're looking for an easy to use Linux distro that will work fast and be able to control it from anywhere, consider Jolicloud. Jolicloud is based on Gnome, which is a flavor of Linux used by Ubuntu and many other solid distributions, and Chromium. It comes with internet apps, and you can download apps for Linux so if you need to use or Skype, you can. If you have some old computers lying around that are extremely slow, Jolicloud can make them seem like they're new again. A great feature to it is if you want to customize it or get info from it somewhere else, you can install the Jolicloud Chrome app so you can reach everything from anywhere. Like all Linux distros, it's free and can be downloaded as an .ISO image or to dual boot with Windows, that can be removed easily at anytime! So if you have a really slow netbook or an old computer, consider Jolicloud.


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