Verizon iPhone Launch Fail?

Usually getting a new iPhone on the first day means you'll have to go through humongous lines and the possibility that they will be sold out in an hour of the store being opened. But when we heard that Verizon was getting the iPhone, everyone thought that there would be even larger lines. I mean, people have asked for this for 4 years so everyone must be switching, right?! Well, this wasn't what happened. There were the fanboys who got there at 6 in the morning, but the lines weren't that large. More like 10 people waiting. Compare that to a block of people waiting in line. Why weren't there as many people as the AT&T; iPhone? Is it because people wanted to wait for their contract to end, or do people not care as much as they said they did? Leave your opinion in the comments below.


  1. With every iPhone for AT&T, people "HAD TO HAVE IT," and previous AT&T customers were usually given discounts if they upgraded their iPhone even if their contract wasn't due to be renewed. Current Verizon customers who want smartphones are happy with the Droids they've grown accustomed to, especially now that many of them are free, and there's no benefit to renewing the contract early. Plus, why would an AT&T customer pay a cancellation fee and spend the $300 all over again just to get the same exact same device on a slightly better network? The only people in line for this one were die-hard fans of both Verizon and Apple, or people who were lucky enough to be ready for an upgrade or carrier switch anyway. If Verizon and Apple had been intelligent, and waited until the next-gen iPhone came out, you would have seen much bigger lines, causing much more hype to draw in even more people. Just piss-poor marketing from Apple, who are rushing to catch up with intelligent decisions that they didn't make in the first place, and screwing up their image in the process. This is the Beatles catalog all over again.


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