New iOS 4.3 Update Brings a Better Safari and Personal Hotspot

Apple's mobile operating system iOS has received an update today that brings improvements to software and hardware. The first new thing is AirPlay enhancements. Now you can view slideshows from one device to another. The next update is Safari performance. Safari now comes with the new Nitro JavaScript engine. Next is iTunes Home Sharing, which is similar to AirPlay, but can stream from iTunes on your computer. An update many iPad owners have waited for is an option to have the switch on the side to be a silent switch, or rotation lock. The iPad originally came with the switch for rotation lock, but when iOS 4 came out, they changed it to a silent switch which mutes your iPad. Now you have a choice. And last, the new update comes with the long anticipated Personal Hotspot. Where ever you are, as long as you have 3G, you can turn your iPhone 4 into a mobile hotspot using the data you already have for your phone. So it's free tethering, but if you weren't grandfathered into the unlimited data, then you have to watch how much data you use, especially when it's on a computer. This new update is for iPhone 3GS and 4 owners, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, and iPad 1 and 2. iPhone 3G owners and iPod touch 2nd generation models are not compatible with the new update. Verizon iPhone users are also not compatible yet, but the Verizon iPhone already comes with personal hotspot, so they aren't missing out on much. This isn't a huge update, but if you have waited for tethering for free, this is a big update for you, as long as you have a GSM iPhone 4. Will you be updating? Do you have an iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2nd generation? Leave a comment below leaving your opinions.


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