I like Back to the Future, but not the sequels

Everyone has seen or at least heard of Back to the Future. It's one of the best movies made in the 80's. It's written cleverly, and there are no continuity errors. Everything that happens in the movie has a role in making the future different. The movie is brilliant. The sequels however, are not.

Part II is the worst of the three, and not about how the future of the movie is no where close to the now future. The movie has a lot of flaws. First of all, why does Marty's kids look exactly like him? I know it's a joke, but why doesn't Marty's dad look exactly like him? It's just kind of a weird part of the movie. I'm not too fond of the way Marty deals with bullying. Specifically when someone calls him a chicken. Why does he react to it so often. You'd think he'd get over it in the future, but no. It's someone I don't like about sequels: never having your character change. I did think that Marty buying the sports almanac was realistic. Who wouldn't want information to help them cheat to being rich. But what wasn't realistic was future Biff knowing how to fly the Delorean. He has never been in the car to know how to fly it, so how does he know? Then when Marty and Doc go back to 1985, they get to an alternate 1985, and Marty finds out how rich Biff got when Lorraine wakes him up and tells him "he's safe and sound on the good ol' 27th floor." And then Marty wakes up and repeats what she says. Continuing the joke from the first movie. I'm all for continuing scenes if they are funny, but this was unnecessary. I didn't find it amusing that he responded by saying this. A little annoyed to be honest. The only other scene I have a big problem with is Biff hitting the manure truck when Marty gets away. Again, kind of annoyed he couldn't have gotten himself in something else. I'm fine with the rest of the movie.

Part III has a different tone. It goes back to the first movie. I felt like the second movie was silly and wasn't the same movie as the first. The third movie was pretty good, but not great. The movie does have Marty waking up in shock of hearing where he is, and Biff's ancestor falling in manure, but this movie seemed a bit more realistic, besides the fact that they are time travelers. I don't have too many problems with this movie, except for one thing. How did Doc turn the train into a time machine? It's a little understandable that with the advancements of time and science, he could've made a flux capacitor, but not in 1885 where they don't even have a way to clean the water they drink. AND how did they make the train FLY?! It is a reference to the end of the first movie, where it lets you know the movies are over, but I just didn't like it.

With all the criticism I gave the second and third movies, you might think I don't like them or that I think the first movie was perfect. I do like watching them, I just have my gripes with them. The first movie is not perfect, but I just thought it was better written and not forced. I know you might say "it's just a movie," but if I'm going to watch them, I should have an opinion. I just think the sequels were unnecessary. But what do you think? Leave a comment below.


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