Reverse Scrolling on the Mac

Recently, Apple released their new operating system, 10.7 Lion. With this upgrade came many new features including full-screen apps, system-wide auto save and the most controversial feature: reverse scrolling. On an iOS device, to scroll, you take two fingers and push up to scroll down, and down to scroll up. Sounds confusing, but it is incredibly intuitive. It's like moving a piece of paper. So Apple figured because they sell two multi-touch mice, it would be a great idea. However, to most, it is confusing. Many bloggers have reported they couldn't get used to it as fast as the iPhone. In my opinion, I could get used to it very fast. I went to the Apple Store before I saw the Harry Potter movie, because at my mall they are in the same place. After using the Magic Mouse and Trackpad and getting used to the initial "oh yeah, it's been changed" it just became second nature when scrolling. Especially in Final Cut Pro X, going through the timeline was very smooth. To those of you who have 10.7, give it a chance. But if you can't get used to the change, you can change the scrolling direction in System Preferences under Mouse. If you want to get 10.7, you can buy it in the Mac App Store for $29 or the Apple Store on a USB drive for $59.


  1. The reverse scrolling on a touch screen device like the iPhone just makes sense because it makes it look like you're pulling the screen in a certain direction. On a desktop, however, it just doesn't fit.


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