Steve Jobs will never be forgotten

Today, October 5th, 2011, Steve Jobs has passed away. The man who helped pioneer and revolutionize the personal computer, reinvented the music, phone and tablet industry, and started a company that creates amazing movies that remain in our hearts.

In 1977, he and his friend Steve Wozniak started a company in his parents garage. Making computers that were easy to use and that ordinary people would want to use. In 1984, Apple released the Macintosh, the first commercially successful computer with a Graphical User Interface, otherwise known as the GUI. After being fired from John Scully by the board, Steve left to create another computer company called NeXT and to buy LucasFilms animation division now known as Pixar. NeXT is a less-known company that created an advanced operating system that blew away Windows and Macintosh System 7.5. By creating the dock, and many visual effects we take for granted today like a window that moves with the mouse as you move it. After Apple began to sink into bankruptcy, they bought Steve's company NeXT for their advanced operating system. In 1997, he hosted the Macworld event and introduced the iMac, an all-in-one that helped bring Apple out of bankruptcy. In 1999, Apple released the iBook, Apple's first consumer notebook computer. In 2000, he was named the iCEO of Apple. Not a play on the iMac or iBook, but Interim Chief Executive Officer. In 2001, Apple released the iPod, a hard-drive based MP3 Player that revolutionized the music industry, by creating an MP3 player that was easy to use, fast at importing albums and creating iTunes. In 2007, he introduced the iPhone, which revolutionized the way we use phones and touch screens of all devices. In 2010, he introduced the iPad, which revolutionized the tablet industry. And now we are here today.

Steve Jobs was an incredible man. He will be missed dearly, and never forgotten. Rest in Piece, Steve. 1955 - 2011.


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