A Week with Windows Phone Mango

Microsoft released their mobile operating system Windows Phone Mango on September 27th with little talk from the tech community, even though it deserved it. In my opinion Windows Phone has been one of the most well-integrated phones you can buy. With the new Mango upgrade, this point gets even more proven.

While some of the new features to Mango are just catching up to iOS and Android, like voice control with more commands and in more of the apps, and a unified inbox, but most of the new features are things you'd expect from iOS and Android. One example is sharing photos. Instead of just having SMS, and email, Windows Phone allows you to share to Facebook out of the box. If you have any apps installed like Twitter or Wordpress, they automatically get added to your Sharing list in the photo menu. Another example are the new features to Bing. Bing isn't just a search engine anymore. With the new Scout feature, you can find places to eat and drink, see and do, shop and the highlights of an area you aren't familiar with. Or find places you didn't even know were there. You can also Music search with Bing. Like Shazam, you can place your phone to a speaker and Bing will search for the song. Finally, there is no need to download a QR scanner, it's built-in to Bing. With Vision you can use your camera to search for barcodes, QR Codes, Microsoft Tags, books, CDs and DVDs, all by placing the object in front of your camera. The last example is the internet on Windows Phone. Internet Explorer is powered using HTML5, like IE 9. With hardware acceleration, it is the fastest mobile internet browser. And if you want to bookmark a webpage, it can be placed in the bookmarks menu, or have it pinned to the start screen.

I was hooked on Windows Phone even before the Mango upgrade. I liked how everything just worked together, and how the UI looked and performed. But what do you think about Windows Phone? Would you buy one? Leave a comment below.


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