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The Worst Feature of Windows 8

Windows is used by many people, including ordinary people who barely know how to use a computer. Normal people don't know what updates are or why they should do them, so yes, it makes sense that Microsoft has automatic updates happen in the background. That way the user doesn't have to worry about them. So when the updates require the computer to restart, most people would probably ignore them and restart later. So what was Microsoft's solution in Windows 8 to people not restarting? Automatic restarts even after you tell the computer to postpone the restart. I'm not kidding, this just happened to me. It's not like the computer wasn't doing anything either, I was watching A Christmas Story on TBS in Windows Movie Maker, in a Skype chat, and using Chrome, and the computer decided at that moment was the right time to restart. Does this make sense to anyone? Windows is the most used operating system, thanks to businesses. What do businesses do? Work. What do they …

Nokia Lumia 920 Review

To see the pictures from the camera, click the links:
Rear Camera:!6778&authkey=!ABKf4XySuRgQOa0

Front Camera:!6739&authkey=!AOmAQDhp-8BFWSI

Here’s my review of the Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 on AT&T with an Otterbox case. The phone costs $99 with a two-year contract and comes with a free charging pad. If this were TWiT’s Before You Buy, I would give it a buy.

I’m glad the elections are over.

I don’t follow politics carefully, I just don’t care. I know I should because this is my future, but I can’t vote so this really has nothing to do with me. When it does come time for me to vote, it’s going to be difficult. I’m a libertarian, but because the only real political parties that have a chance are republicans and democrats, I tend to side with conservatives. The other difficulty is I’m not a strong arguer. I’m too easily swayed and can’t stand my ground well. So seeing people tear others apart for their beliefs on social networks and even in real life turns me off to try to figure out who I should back. It’s not like politicians will do exactly what they say they are going to do, as evidence from this last term we’ve had, but some people take what a politician says as if they can’t lie to us. If someone could explain, without bias, what the nominees want to do, deciding would be easy. But people put personal jabs and exaggerate in the way they explain the opposing side. I’m…

New iPads and Macs!


Brickleberry is Horrible

Daniel Tosh is funny. Tosh.0 is funny. But Brickleberry is stupid. I don’t even have to watch the show to know that it is stupid, I’ve seen enough clips online to prove this. It’s like the new episodes of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. They’re all doing great in the ratings because they appeal to stupid people, and there are a lot of stupid people. Oh, and 11 year olds who find swear words funny. People don’t want to actually watch something and have to think to get a joke. They just want it handed to them. That’s why great shows like Jon Benjamin Has a Van and Police Squad don’t work, they’re too smart for people. But Daniel Tosh is smart. I thought that because he was promoting it so much, and because Comedy Central was promoting it so much it would be good, because his name is on it. But it’s made by no one I’ve ever heard of, and Daniel Tosh just voices the cub. The show doesn’t have jokes in it, just inappropriate words and scenes to appeal to the immature. Bey…

Don’t Buy a Windows Phone… yet

Microsoft has made probably the best phone you can buy. The best user interface, fast on slow processors, and great integration with other Microsoft products. That being said, do not buy a Windows Phone right now.
Back in June, Microsoft announced the new version of Windows Phone called Windows Phone 8 to go along with Windows 8. The update brought the OS to a more modern status by adding multi-core support, bigger screen resolutions, and NFC just to name a few new features. Normally, I’d be thrilled by this, because Windows Phone was a great operating system to begin with. Even without those features, my Samsung Focus always worked well and never ran slow. But the only problem is all current Windows Phones cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. To get 8, you need to get a new phone. Sure, you do get an update for Windows Phone 7.5, now 7.8, which brings the new Start menu, but that’s about it. Anyone who strayed from the usual Android and iOS to get a better phone is now left in the …



Trying 5 Hour Energy For the First Time


Everyone Should Have Broadband

Years ago, back when the internet was new, it didn't matter how fast web pages loaded. All that mattered was being able to connect to the world wide web. But as time went by, websites got more advanced and the need for a more advanced internet connection increased.

It's hard to believe that even today, some people still have a dial-up connection in the high speed world we live in. While it's true that some people just don't use the internet as often as someone like me, who watches HD YouTube videos, and streams live video to Justin.TV, you can barely get to any websites with that slow of a connection. Think of dial-up like an EDGE connection on AT&T. It's simply horrendous. That is why people should ditch dial-up.

With broadband prices dropping, there's really no reason to stay with dial-up. One of the many providers to choose from is O2 Broadband. Even with the cheapest plan, you can get a fast, reliable connection. And who knows, maybe after you realize …

Infograph: Microsoft's Failures

Here is an infograph on Microsoft, thanks to the guys at MBA Online.

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I wouldn't mind a new Chromebook or Chromebox

I just made a post on GeekOn.In about the new Chrome devices and honestly, I'm impressed. Yes, it's still just a web browser, but the way they have updated the new Chrome OS makes it more familiar and inviting.

Almost two years ago, I was invited into the Pilot Program and made videos about the Google Chrome CR-48 and back then when Chrome OS was just a web browser with nothing special about it, I wasn't interested. Why pay $300 for a web browser that is barely fast enough? But now with new updates to the hardware and software, to me, it makes sense. Again, it's still just a web browser, but the way you can pin sites to the taskbar and resize windows, it works well. I downloaded Chromium OS and loaded it in a virtual machine and it is nice. On a laptop, I don't usually do any of the work I would do on my desktop like Photoshoping, editing videos and playing graphics intensive games, so a Chromebook would work fine. And the Chromebox would work well as a TV compute…

My New Tech Site: GeekOn.In

Earlier this week, I launched a new tech website called GeekOn.In. It's a blog for all kinds of geeks, written by geeks. We already have a team of three authors and we're looking to expand, so if you are interested in writing for the blog, email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. So go ahead, and Geek on in.

Why Blogger Affiliate Ads Are a Bad Thing

I recently switched from a Wordpress hosted site to Blogger. Not because I wasn't happy with Wordpress or Technodes Host, but because I wanted to go back to not paying for hosting. I want to save up my money for other things. Now, if I didn't care about my blog quality, I would clutter the site with donation links, advertisements and anything possible to make as much money as I can. But because I care about how my blog looks and the experience for my readers, I choose to keep it as clean as possible. But Blogger users now get an extra way to make money by a new service called Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger.

The way Affiliate Ads works is as long as you have an active AdSense account, you choose a product from the searchable list in the side of the new post page and write a post about the product and include a link down at the bottom so the reader can buy the product, and you get a cut of the purchase. This sounds like a great way for some Bloggers to get paid for doing what…

So I'm Back to an iPhone

Let me just start out by saying I am extremely indecisive. I change the theme on this blog probably once or twice every week and then I decide to stick with the one I was using before. It’s not because I want to try the new theme, it’s because I thought that theme was the best theme on But then I start using the new theme and I realize that the old one was just better, so I switch back to it. I don’t hate the new theme I wanted to use, it’s just the one I was using before was better. This is no different to me switching back to an iPhone.

Back in August 2011, my contract was almost up, ending on the last day of August. I just wanted to get rid of my iPhone 3G. Not the 3GS, or the 4, the 3G. It was painfully slow. Everything took so long to open, it would freeze doing nothing and it couldn’t be updated to the new-at-the-time iOS 5. So I hated this phone. In this time, I had looked for a new phone to get and I noticed the Windows Phones. After doing some research, I quic…

Sabrent USB Digital TV Tuner Unboxing


Unboxing Facebook Business Cards


My Cracked Samsung Focus

I've done something I never thought I would ever do. When I had my iPhone 3G, not once did I ever scratch it from the time I got it in December 2009 to September 2011. It did have a case on it for a month or two, but even after I took that off, I never dropped my phone. It was nice and clean. I try to keep the things I own almost new looking. Then when my contract was up for my iPhone, I decided to try Windows Phone and got the Samsung Focus. I got that specific phone because on Amazon Wireless it was a penny, and I couldn't pass that up. Plus I thought it was a nice phone. When it arrived on my doorstep, I was so excited to open it up and start using it. For months, I was so sick of the slowness of my iPhone 3G. Everything took so long to do. Don't get me wrong, I like iOS, and sometimes I miss having an iPhone for the apps and the experience I got from it. I just thought Microsoft was innovating in many ways Apple wasn't. So for months I was happy with my Samsung Fo…

Circle Me On Google+!

I've only been using Google+ for less than a day, and already I know it's awesome. Because I'm not a big fan of big blog posts, I'm going to start posting more on Google+, so circle me there by clicking the logo there!