So I'm Back to an iPhone

Let me just start out by saying I am extremely indecisive. I change the theme on this blog probably once or twice every week and then I decide to stick with the one I was using before. It’s not because I want to try the new theme, it’s because I thought that theme was the best theme on But then I start using the new theme and I realize that the old one was just better, so I switch back to it. I don’t hate the new theme I wanted to use, it’s just the one I was using before was better. This is no different to me switching back to an iPhone.

Back in August 2011, my contract was almost up, ending on the last day of August. I just wanted to get rid of my iPhone 3G. Not the 3GS, or the 4, the 3G. It was painfully slow. Everything took so long to open, it would freeze doing nothing and it couldn’t be updated to the new-at-the-time iOS 5. So I hated this phone. In this time, I had looked for a new phone to get and I noticed the Windows Phones. After doing some research, I quickly decided that this was the best operating system out there. Many great features were built into the phone like Office, XBox Live, and the famous Metro UI, which is both extremely intuitive and awesome. After long weeks went by, I went on Amazon, and purchased my Samsung Focus for a penny. When I unboxed it and started to use it, I was still in love with it. Until about five months later, when I cracked the screen. I still liked the phone, it’s just for whatever reason, the cracked screen made me see the flaws about the phone. The almost-bare app store and the fact that I needed to restart the phone on an almost weekly basis. Now I understand the restarting thing is a hardware thing with nothing to do with Windows Phone, but the app store was the part that was really hard to keep using the phone. With apps like Instagram, Tweetbot and the hundreds of thousands of iOS only apps, I was missing out. That is, until Monday, March 26th.

My dad’s contract was up, so he decided to get an iPhone 4. When he got it, he asked if I wanted his 3GS. At first I was thinking “Nah, I love Windows Phone too much.” Then I started using it, and I thought “Why did I buy the Samsung Focus?” Now, it’s not that I decided right then I hated Windows Phone, it’s just the iPhone was doing what Windows Phone did better. I think Windows Phone is a great operating system, but for me, iOS just works better for what I want to do.

So here I am. With an iPhone 3GS. Of course, I’ll probably be back to the Samsung Focus in a couple of months, but for now, it’s iOS for me.


  1. Wait until the WP8 comes out. Also, look at the Nokia version of WP8. I have an Android now and my contract is up in two months. I may wait until later this year to get the WP8.

  2. Windows Phone 8 looks great, but I'm a little angered as an early adapter that I have to buy a new phone to get the new software. This makes my working Samsung Focus obsolete.


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