I wouldn't mind a new Chromebook or Chromebox

Source: Chrome devices
I just made a post on GeekOn.In about the new Chrome devices and honestly, I'm impressed. Yes, it's still just a web browser, but the way they have updated the new Chrome OS makes it more familiar and inviting.

Almost two years ago, I was invited into the Pilot Program and made videos about the Google Chrome CR-48 and back then when Chrome OS was just a web browser with nothing special about it, I wasn't interested. Why pay $300 for a web browser that is barely fast enough? But now with new updates to the hardware and software, to me, it makes sense. Again, it's still just a web browser, but the way you can pin sites to the taskbar and resize windows, it works well. I downloaded Chromium OS and loaded it in a virtual machine and it is nice. On a laptop, I don't usually do any of the work I would do on my desktop like Photoshoping, editing videos and playing graphics intensive games, so a Chromebook would work fine. And the Chromebox would work well as a TV computer for sites like YouTube and connecting to Google Drive for all my files.

The price is still a bit high for a web browsing only computer, but if you are looking for something easy to use and ready out of the box, you might like the Chrome devices.


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