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Trying 5 Hour Energy For the First Time


Everyone Should Have Broadband

Years ago, back when the internet was new, it didn't matter how fast web pages loaded. All that mattered was being able to connect to the world wide web. But as time went by, websites got more advanced and the need for a more advanced internet connection increased.

It's hard to believe that even today, some people still have a dial-up connection in the high speed world we live in. While it's true that some people just don't use the internet as often as someone like me, who watches HD YouTube videos, and streams live video to Justin.TV, you can barely get to any websites with that slow of a connection. Think of dial-up like an EDGE connection on AT&T. It's simply horrendous. That is why people should ditch dial-up.

With broadband prices dropping, there's really no reason to stay with dial-up. One of the many providers to choose from is O2 Broadband. Even with the cheapest plan, you can get a fast, reliable connection. And who knows, maybe after you realize …

Infograph: Microsoft's Failures

Here is an infograph on Microsoft, thanks to the guys at MBA Online.

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