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Don’t Buy a Windows Phone… yet

Microsoft has made probably the best phone you can buy. The best user interface, fast on slow processors, and great integration with other Microsoft products. That being said, do not buy a Windows Phone right now.
Back in June, Microsoft announced the new version of Windows Phone called Windows Phone 8 to go along with Windows 8. The update brought the OS to a more modern status by adding multi-core support, bigger screen resolutions, and NFC just to name a few new features. Normally, I’d be thrilled by this, because Windows Phone was a great operating system to begin with. Even without those features, my Samsung Focus always worked well and never ran slow. But the only problem is all current Windows Phones cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. To get 8, you need to get a new phone. Sure, you do get an update for Windows Phone 7.5, now 7.8, which brings the new Start menu, but that’s about it. Anyone who strayed from the usual Android and iOS to get a better phone is now left in the …