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New iPads and Macs!


Brickleberry is Horrible

Daniel Tosh is funny. Tosh.0 is funny. But Brickleberry is stupid. I don’t even have to watch the show to know that it is stupid, I’ve seen enough clips online to prove this. It’s like the new episodes of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. They’re all doing great in the ratings because they appeal to stupid people, and there are a lot of stupid people. Oh, and 11 year olds who find swear words funny. People don’t want to actually watch something and have to think to get a joke. They just want it handed to them. That’s why great shows like Jon Benjamin Has a Van and Police Squad don’t work, they’re too smart for people. But Daniel Tosh is smart. I thought that because he was promoting it so much, and because Comedy Central was promoting it so much it would be good, because his name is on it. But it’s made by no one I’ve ever heard of, and Daniel Tosh just voices the cub. The show doesn’t have jokes in it, just inappropriate words and scenes to appeal to the immature. Bey…