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I’m glad the elections are over.

I don’t follow politics carefully, I just don’t care. I know I should because this is my future, but I can’t vote so this really has nothing to do with me. When it does come time for me to vote, it’s going to be difficult. I’m a libertarian, but because the only real political parties that have a chance are republicans and democrats, I tend to side with conservatives. The other difficulty is I’m not a strong arguer. I’m too easily swayed and can’t stand my ground well. So seeing people tear others apart for their beliefs on social networks and even in real life turns me off to try to figure out who I should back. It’s not like politicians will do exactly what they say they are going to do, as evidence from this last term we’ve had, but some people take what a politician says as if they can’t lie to us. If someone could explain, without bias, what the nominees want to do, deciding would be easy. But people put personal jabs and exaggerate in the way they explain the opposing side. I’m…