The Worst Feature of Windows 8

Windows is used by many people, including ordinary people who barely know how to use a computer. Normal people don't know what updates are or why they should do them, so yes, it makes sense that Microsoft has automatic updates happen in the background. That way the user doesn't have to worry about them. So when the updates require the computer to restart, most people would probably ignore them and restart later. So what was Microsoft's solution in Windows 8 to people not restarting? Automatic restarts even after you tell the computer to postpone the restart. I'm not kidding, this just happened to me. It's not like the computer wasn't doing anything either, I was watching A Christmas Story on TBS in Windows Movie Maker, in a Skype chat, and using Chrome, and the computer decided at that moment was the right time to restart. Does this make sense to anyone? Windows is the most used operating system, thanks to businesses. What do businesses do? Work. What do they need to do their work? A computer. What do mos t computers have on them all day? Work they need to do at that moment. How can anyone get work done if the computer just decides to restart? Great idea here, Microsoft.

Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas.


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