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Nevermind, the Facebook app update is a little better

Odd. One day I post how much I hate the Windows Phone Facebook app and the next, they fix most of the problems I had. So Microsoft, sorry about the post, and thanks.
Oh and Merry Christmas.

Microsoft, Please Fix the Facebook App for Windows Phone

It's odd. Microsoft wants their Windows Phone platform to rise to the top. You can tell. They pay developers top dollar to make quality Windows Phone apps, because that's what a good smartphone platform needs: good apps. So why can't Microsoft do this?

Facebook is a big site. I didn't have to tell you that. They won't make a Windows Phone app, so Microsoft has to step in. People that own Windows Phones would want a Facebook app. You'd think Microsoft would make this great Facebook-like app to lead the way, and show developers and consumers what Windows Phone is capable of. Nope. It's so awful.

Let's go over all of its flaws:

Slow loading times. Like, surprisingly slow loading times. It honestly makes you want to use the mobile browser version.Can't send photos through chat. You're probably thinking who cares. Well, damn it I do. They released an update that put this "functionality" in and it didn't work. I figured "okay, it'…

G4 is Just Like MTV

I was flipping through channels and saw that the movie The Pacifier was on MTV, and I started watching it because I hadn’t seen the movie in a while. And hundreds of thousands of people are doing the same thing: watching a movie just because it’s on, or whatever the reason is. That’s what most people like when they watch TV. They just want to find something familiar on. That’s why so many people watch shows like Pawn Stars because it’s really designed for anyone to watch. That’s also why MTV stopped airing music videos and music related shows. Sure, there are people who want to watch music videos, but there’s a lot of people that just want to watch some reality show. That’s why MTV airs the Jersey Shore.

The same goes for G4. Sure, there are people that want to watch gaming and tech shows, but there’s a lot of people that want to watch Cops marathons. That is why G4 slowed down on geek related programming, that’s why G4 cancelled Attack of the Show and X-Play, and that is why G4 will n…

My Reaction to the Jobs Movie

As a geek, I’ve wanted to see the Jobs movie for a long time. Not because I enjoy the acting of Ashton Kutcher, but because I was curious how accurate the movie would be. A similar movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” that was made before Steve Jobs passed away was very well made and very accurate so I wanted to see what this new movie could bring to the table.

For one thing, Ashton Kutcher does a pretty good Steve Jobs impression. There are some flaws now and then where he just seems awkward and doesn’t know what to do, but overall, he was just like Steve Jobs: Inspiring when he needs to be, and an asshole to motivate his employees. The rest of the actors look just like who they are portraying, except for Gil Amelio, but no one really remembers him anyway.

The plot, however, was not as well done. There are numerous holes where things are barely explained, and if you didn’t know much about the history of Steve or Apple, you wouldn’t understand. One for example was when Steve finds out his …

Netflix to Finally Ditch Silverlight

According to CNET, Netflix is going to be switching from Silverlight to the amazing HTML5 and I really can’t wait for this.

When I use my Ubuntu laptop, Silverlight is only half supported on the platform with something called Monolight that can’t playback protected videos. So I have to use my Roku or my Windows Phone, which isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s a very minor inconvenience, but still. I can’t believe Silverlight has even lasted this long. Netflix and a couple of games that I have found online are the only companies outside of Microsoft to actually use Silverlight. I can’t understand why Microsoft would even want to invest in a new browser plugin when Flash is so popular and well-known.

Besides the fact that Silverlight isn’t used by anyone, why wouldn’t Netflix want to move to HTML5, where all you need is a modern browser. It causes less problems for consumers who don’t understand how plugins work and it’s faster to use because it doesn’t have to start up a plugin. It just …

I hate people

As an alert and defensive driver, I’m constantly looking out for other cars. I do this by keeping my eyes on the road as often as I can by not texting while driving and the Windows Phone Music app doesn’t require my eyes on the device to switch to a new song with the gestures I can use. I also use my turn signals in advance, check my mirrors, go the speed limit, make complete stops at stop signs and never tailgate. As long as you’re going the speed limit, I’m fine and I’ll give you room. I don’t want to get into an accident or risk getting pulled over for speeding or tail-gating. That’s just stupid. So why does it seem I am the only one conscious of other people on the road?

Maybe it’s just my personality that I don’t want to piss off anyone, but this isn’t walking on a sidewalk and making sure I don’t bump into someone. This is a road, with people driving heavy thousand dollar machines that can do a lot of damage. It’s something people take for granted unfortunately, and forget the ma…

Google is Selling a $1,299 Web Browser

For the netbooks they were, the Chromebooks of yesterday were at least reasonably priced. You wouldn’t want to do anything with a Windows netbook at a price of $200, so it made sense that a Chromebook existed at that price. Sure, they weren’t speed demons and sure, some were $500, but for people who just browse the web, they don’t need that much. The price range of $200-500 made sense. Anyone can get one. But today, Google released a $1,299 Chromebook called the Pixel. For the specs, it’s comparable to a 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro, which is more expensive, but the Pixel still a Chromebook. You can’t do anything but browse the web. This isn’t for consumers who only browse the web, this is for enthusiasts who want performance and have money. The problem is those same people would probably spend that money on a Mac or a PC, where they can use the apps they’re used to and get work done. This doesn’t make sense. There will only be a few people who will buy this for the great design, and be…

I Hope the Esquire Network Fails

No one watched G4. A network with the sole purpose of video games doesn't have a big audience. But a lot of people watched TechTV. It could be anything related to technology, and it was. TechTV was beginning to be profitable when G4 decided to buy the network. They didn't want the programming or the name, they wanted the 40 million households it reached where G4 only reached 15 million. But they should've wanted the programming. They should've bought TechTV and gotten rid of G4 and bring over some G4 shows to TechTV. Video game related programming could be considered technology so it would've worked. And it probably could've succeed to this day had that happened. Because had TechTV and all its well known personalities not been shut down and fired by G4, networks like Revision3 and TWiT may have never happened. And who knows! Maybe podcasting as a whole would've never taken off. But back to real life, the failure that is G4 will be re-branded as the Esquire …

BlackBerry 10 is just a more traditional looking Windows Phone

I gotta admit, when I saw the new BlackBerry 10 OS with its new devices, I was impressed. The Q10 and Z10 are beautiful phones and BlackBerry 10 looks like a great OS. However, that being said, most of the new features aren't really new to the mobile industry, just BlackBerry. The new BlackBerry Hub where you can see all your notifications for your apps? The Windows Phone start screen has been doing the same thing. The new touchscreen BlackBerry keyboard that lets you slide words from the keyboard to the text box? While Windows Phone doesn't have that exact feature, there is a suggestion box that changes after every letter you type, and can theoretically write a sentence for you. Lastly, the browser looks almost the exact same as on Windows Phone. Now that all being said, I really am impressed by some of the BlackBerry 10 features like the Time Shift feature on the camera and the multi-tasking centered home screen. It just seems that BlackBerry is trying to play catch-up, and…

Slacking on GeekOnIn

You may know that I also run a website called GeekOnIn. It's basically CNET but run by real people, not a corporation afraid of a product that could make them lose money. It's supposed to be professional, not a couple sentences glued poorly together. It's supposed to be unbiased, and offer as much information as we can. We want to help people, not waste their time. But for some reason, I find it's much easier to rant here and not worry about offending people. I'll admit, I haven't been giving GeekOnIn enough love, which it needs. Much like this blog, it doesn't have the highest traffic, and the best way to gain viewership is to keep at it. But I have more motivation writing a pissed off angry essay on this site on a YouTuber who is more popular than I will ever be, than to write a news story on the latest technology that more people will enjoy, including potential advertisers, on GeekOnIn. For those that like the content on GeekOnIn, stay tuned. More is on …

The Unfortunate MySpace

I updated my status on MySpace, and after I did, I realized that little to no one would actually read it. As great as the new MySpace is, and how beautifully designed it is, it will never catch on.

It's amazing how as time goes by, people change dramatically. I don't remember much from the MySpace boom in 2005 besides that every teenager was using the site and there were many safety concerns, but I guess the real problem with MySpace was its demographic. It was really only a teen website. There was no draw for adults to use the site for anything besides publicity for themselves. It was really a place for people to show themselves off. Then came Facebook, a generic social network that had no demographic pull. It simply connected people. And the idea worked. Facebook is the second most visited website, first being Google. So to try to be once again relevant, MySpace rebranded themselves to be unique from the rest. From first glance, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are all really …

This is why I made that Kickstarter post on Lockergnome

Rant Mode Time:

Back in the Summer, I made a post on LockerGnome called "Why Sites Like Kickstarter Are Ruining Responsibility." I didn't make the post for publicity and I most certainly didn't target the post to the brilliant designers and scientists who lack funds. It was fueled by anger from a long time fan of James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd series and as a whole. It's a well known fact that both the Angry Video Game Nerd and are very popular. They both have been big money makers for James. So why did he need to make an IndieGoGo fundraiser for his movie? We didn't ask for the movie, it's not like it's a burden on him to make it. Film-making is James Rolfe's passion, and while I can understand that, I can't understand why a person with the internet fame that he has would even think of doing a fundraiser for one of the most popular web series. I thought no one would be stupid enough to try that again…

Unboxing the ASUS VS228H-P Monitor I unbox the ASUS VS228H-P 21 Inch 1080p monitor and talk about the great XFX AMD Radeon HD 7750 Graphics Card. Links: My Blog - GeekOnIn News and Views - Google+ - Twitter -

Mega is A-Okay Now

Remember all those problems I had last night? Don't worry, they've been fixed.

If you are currently experiencing slow access to #Mega its because of the unbelievable demand. We are working on more capacity.— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 20, 2013#Mega is slowly stabilizing. Still fixing small bugs and issues with some servers. You can expect a smooth experience soon.— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 21, 2013We are making good progress. Adding servers & fixing bugs. It should not be long until you can enjoy #Mega without hiccups.— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 22, 2013

Mega is Having Mega Issues

A day after my birthday on January 19th, Kim Dotcom released the much anticipated Mega, the successor to MegaUpload. We all know what happened to MegaUpload, so we were all excited to see what Kim would do next. The key point to take from all this is the large hype of the product. So you'd think the fine folk at would have recognized this and would have prepared for the large numbers of people wanting to sign up and use the site. This at least makes sense to me. So on January 19th, I wanted to sign up for the site like everyone else. The site loaded up fine and was fast, but when I filled in my info on the registration form, it didn't do anything. The mouse cursor would just show the spinny round loading sign and nothing would happen. So finally after waiting an hour before signing up, I got in. Once I was at the file manager page, I tried to upload an image, and it just wouldn't upload. It would only say pending. This kept happened for two days, until just now…

Misleading Blogger

Ever since I switched over to Blogger from Wordpress, I've been getting a lot more traffic here, at least in the built-in stats. With Google Analytics, I'm getting my same old low traffic in the tens, but on Blogger stats, it shows 200+ hits a day. This makes me wonder if something is wrong with either Google Analytics or Blogger stats, or if a bunch of spam bots are going to my site and Google Analytics ignores them. Whichever it is, let me know if you have experienced this, if you are a real person, that is.

Google is Pissing Me Off

With Google deciding to opt out of Microsoft products, I'm not happy about this hypocritical Google.

UPDATE: Turns out they were just optimizing it for Windows Phone. Okay Google, you get a little bit of a pass here but not too much.