Mega is Having Mega Issues

A day after my birthday on January 19th, Kim Dotcom released the much anticipated Mega, the successor to MegaUpload. We all know what happened to MegaUpload, so we were all excited to see what Kim would do next. The key point to take from all this is the large hype of the product. So you'd think the fine folk at would have recognized this and would have prepared for the large numbers of people wanting to sign up and use the site. This at least makes sense to me. So on January 19th, I wanted to sign up for the site like everyone else. The site loaded up fine and was fast, but when I filled in my info on the registration form, it didn't do anything. The mouse cursor would just show the spinny round loading sign and nothing would happen. So finally after waiting an hour before signing up, I got in. Once I was at the file manager page, I tried to upload an image, and it just wouldn't upload. It would only say pending. This kept happened for two days, until just now tonight, it would finally upload the file. This all around slowness of the site shouldn't have happened. Everyone wanted to try the site when it was unveiled, so should've been ready for the onslaught of users joining the site and uploading files. There's no excuse for this. Hopefully this is just because the site is new, otherwise I don't care about the large storage size if I can't use it. Or it's a publicity stunt to show that so many people are using the service that the site can't handle it. Either way, it's not good.

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