Google is Selling a $1,299 Web Browser

For the netbooks they were, the Chromebooks of yesterday were at least reasonably priced. You wouldn’t want to do anything with a Windows netbook at a price of $200, so it made sense that a Chromebook existed at that price. Sure, they weren’t speed demons and sure, some were $500, but for people who just browse the web, they don’t need that much. The price range of $200-500 made sense. Anyone can get one. But today, Google released a $1,299 Chromebook called the Pixel. For the specs, it’s comparable to a 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro, which is more expensive, but the Pixel still a Chromebook. You can’t do anything but browse the web. This isn’t for consumers who only browse the web, this is for enthusiasts who want performance and have money. The problem is those same people would probably spend that money on a Mac or a PC, where they can use the apps they’re used to and get work done. This doesn’t make sense. There will only be a few people who will buy this for the great design, and believe me, it is beautiful. But if you don’t have money to throw away, ignore the Pixel. Get a better, cheaper Windows 8 laptop with a touch screen.


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