I hate people

As an alert and defensive driver, I’m constantly looking out for other cars. I do this by keeping my eyes on the road as often as I can by not texting while driving and the Windows Phone Music app doesn’t require my eyes on the device to switch to a new song with the gestures I can use. I also use my turn signals in advance, check my mirrors, go the speed limit, make complete stops at stop signs and never tailgate. As long as you’re going the speed limit, I’m fine and I’ll give you room. I don’t want to get into an accident or risk getting pulled over for speeding or tail-gating. That’s just stupid. So why does it seem I am the only one conscious of other people on the road?

Maybe it’s just my personality that I don’t want to piss off anyone, but this isn’t walking on a sidewalk and making sure I don’t bump into someone. This is a road, with people driving heavy thousand dollar machines that can do a lot of damage. It’s something people take for granted unfortunately, and forget the magnitude of their poor actions. It’s one thing to be inexperienced with driving, experience comes with time and patience. But some people just don’t care about anyone else and go by their own rules. Every time I see it in action while driving, it infuriates me.

So please, the next time you’re driving, don’t be worried about that text message, think about how your front end could become a T with another car.


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