I Hope the Esquire Network Fails

No one watched G4. A network with the sole purpose of video games doesn't have a big audience. But a lot of people watched TechTV. It could be anything related to technology, and it was. TechTV was beginning to be profitable when G4 decided to buy the network. They didn't want the programming or the name, they wanted the 40 million households it reached where G4 only reached 15 million. But they should've wanted the programming. They should've bought TechTV and gotten rid of G4 and bring over some G4 shows to TechTV. Video game related programming could be considered technology so it would've worked. And it probably could've succeed to this day had that happened. Because had TechTV and all its well known personalities not been shut down and fired by G4, networks like Revision3 and TWiT may have never happened. And who knows! Maybe podcasting as a whole would've never taken off. But back to real life, the failure that is G4 will be re-branded as the Esquire Network, a male oriented channel targeted at metrosexuals. This makes no sense at all. Look at Spike, they tried that, and now they're just copying TruTV, which copies shows on A&E and History. As much as I would love to see the future shown at the end of Attack of the Show, where Leo and Patrick fly off to the TechTV headquarters to do an episode of The Screen Savers, it will never happen again. Revision3 and TWiT have become the tech destination, among others, and geeks aren't watching TV anymore. If this is a part of the Esquire Network, a TechTV segment or shows, I'd be happy, but it seems Comcast only wants to include gaming with the other things intended on the network, and forget their horrendous past with gaming and the fact that male oriented programming doesn't work. Anything niche programming on TV doesn't work. It costs too much to target an audience that's too small, where on the internet you can produce a show for next to nothing and make a lot of money.


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