Slacking on GeekOnIn

You may know that I also run a website called GeekOnIn. It's basically CNET but run by real people, not a corporation afraid of a product that could make them lose money. It's supposed to be professional, not a couple sentences glued poorly together. It's supposed to be unbiased, and offer as much information as we can. We want to help people, not waste their time. But for some reason, I find it's much easier to rant here and not worry about offending people. I'll admit, I haven't been giving GeekOnIn enough love, which it needs. Much like this blog, it doesn't have the highest traffic, and the best way to gain viewership is to keep at it. But I have more motivation writing a pissed off angry essay on this site on a YouTuber who is more popular than I will ever be, than to write a news story on the latest technology that more people will enjoy, including potential advertisers, on GeekOnIn. For those that like the content on GeekOnIn, stay tuned. More is on the way, but I hope you also like my angrily written blurbs on here. This site is like my extended Twitter account. These are the things that I think and care about.


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