The Unfortunate MySpace

I updated my status on MySpace, and after I did, I realized that little to no one would actually read it. As great as the new MySpace is, and how beautifully designed it is, it will never catch on.

It's amazing how as time goes by, people change dramatically. I don't remember much from the MySpace boom in 2005 besides that every teenager was using the site and there were many safety concerns, but I guess the real problem with MySpace was its demographic. It was really only a teen website. There was no draw for adults to use the site for anything besides publicity for themselves. It was really a place for people to show themselves off. Then came Facebook, a generic social network that had no demographic pull. It simply connected people. And the idea worked. Facebook is the second most visited website, first being Google. So to try to be once again relevant, MySpace rebranded themselves to be unique from the rest. From first glance, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are all really the same kind of website, but from first glance at the new MySpace, it's a whole new social network.

Based off of what looks like Microsoft's beautiful Modern UI, MySpace uses a tile experience for people's statuses. On a profile, a user can create a profile banner, include a favorite song, because after all MySpace was and still is centered around music, and can add a top 8 list of people. Scrolling through, you'll find past statuses, activities and songs played. It's a music social network like Grooveshark and Spotify, only more prettier. It's great! I have few problems with the site, but for some reason I keep forgetting to use it. Maybe it's because with Twitter, Facebook and barely Google+, why do we need a fourth social network? Not only that, but a specialized social network. You have to really like music to like the new MySpace. Where the three social networks are generic and for anyone, MySpace is centered around what your friends are listening to, and there's already established social networks like and Spotify that have heavy user engagement. If a user is already happy in one place, they most likely will not want to try something new. As unfortunate as it is, MySpace will probably never regain the viewership it once had.


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