This is why I made that Kickstarter post on Lockergnome

Rant Mode Time:

Back in the Summer, I made a post on LockerGnome called "Why Sites Like Kickstarter Are Ruining Responsibility." I didn't make the post for publicity and I most certainly didn't target the post to the brilliant designers and scientists who lack funds. It was fueled by anger from a long time fan of James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd series and as a whole. It's a well known fact that both the Angry Video Game Nerd and are very popular. They both have been big money makers for James. So why did he need to make an IndieGoGo fundraiser for his movie? We didn't ask for the movie, it's not like it's a burden on him to make it. Film-making is James Rolfe's passion, and while I can understand that, I can't understand why a person with the internet fame that he has would even think of doing a fundraiser for one of the most popular web series. I thought no one would be stupid enough to try that again. I was wrong.

I've never been a fan of Shay Carl and Maker Studios, I'll admit it. But when I heard Shay Carl was running a fundraiser on Kickstarter to fund his upcoming documentary, I was pissed. Shay Carl is no doubt a relevant active YouTube celebrity who makes at least a million dollars a year. He also co-founded Maker Studios, a top leading YouTube network. What about any of this screams "I can't afford to make this movie by myself." I never found Shay Carl funny to begin with, and now I can never respect him.

Ray William Johnson isn't the YouTube community's most favorite personality, but at least for all of his projects, he funded them himself or with the help of his production company. No fan donations. Same with Philip DeFranco who I can't stand, I can at least respect the fact he funded his projects. So please, save Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for the people who are really scrapped for cash and need money to help fund something useful and important, not to fund an ego-driven hour and a half long glorified YouTube video.


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