Netflix to Finally Ditch Silverlight

According to CNET, Netflix is going to be switching from Silverlight to the amazing HTML5 and I really can’t wait for this.

When I use my Ubuntu laptop, Silverlight is only half supported on the platform with something called Monolight that can’t playback protected videos. So I have to use my Roku or my Windows Phone, which isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s a very minor inconvenience, but still. I can’t believe Silverlight has even lasted this long. Netflix and a couple of games that I have found online are the only companies outside of Microsoft to actually use Silverlight. I can’t understand why Microsoft would even want to invest in a new browser plugin when Flash is so popular and well-known.

Besides the fact that Silverlight isn’t used by anyone, why wouldn’t Netflix want to move to HTML5, where all you need is a modern browser. It causes less problems for consumers who don’t understand how plugins work and it’s faster to use because it doesn’t have to start up a plugin. It just makes sense.

The day Netflix finally ditches Silverlight will be a very good day.


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