My Reaction to the Jobs Movie

As a geek, I’ve wanted to see the Jobs movie for a long time. Not because I enjoy the acting of Ashton Kutcher, but because I was curious how accurate the movie would be. A similar movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” that was made before Steve Jobs passed away was very well made and very accurate so I wanted to see what this new movie could bring to the table.

For one thing, Ashton Kutcher does a pretty good Steve Jobs impression. There are some flaws now and then where he just seems awkward and doesn’t know what to do, but overall, he was just like Steve Jobs: Inspiring when he needs to be, and an asshole to motivate his employees. The rest of the actors look just like who they are portraying, except for Gil Amelio, but no one really remembers him anyway.

The plot, however, was not as well done. There are numerous holes where things are barely explained, and if you didn’t know much about the history of Steve or Apple, you wouldn’t understand. One for example was when Steve finds out his girlfriend is pregnant with his daughter Lisa, he wants nothing to do with the baby. A couple years go by, he is handed child support documents and still refuses. Then after he is fired from Apple, somehow Lisa is sleeping on his couch, he has a different woman being his wife and has more kids. These unexplained important gaps in the plot don’t work right, especially when “Pirates of Silicon Valley” did a great job with explaining everything at the end of the movie. Not only is the plot jumpy, but the characters are barely established. You only know some of them by their faces, but many of the people that are important to Apple are barely introduced and scattered throughout the film. The movie really tries to be groundbreaking but it just has too many flaws.

Now, in terms of accuracy, it’s hit or miss. Unlike “Pirates of Silicon Valley” it shows that the Lisa and Macintosh were not successful. At the same time, it also kisses Steve Jobs’ ass every step of the way. Nothing is ever his fault in the movie, it’s because the executives are ruining his vision. As Woz pointed out in an interview, Steve really didn’t have the skills that made Apple iconic in the 2000’s. He was just a salesman in the 1970’s and 80’s, but the movie makes him out to be this great visionary. The movie doesn’t even explain that Steve stole the GUI from Xerox, or that Bill Gates made some of the only software Macintosh shipped with. There are some aspects I’d like to mix from “Jobs” with “Pirates of Silicon Valley” to make a complete accurate portrayal, but “Jobs” overall just makes Steve out to be a God.

If you know enough about the history of Steve and can look past the inaccuracies, see this movie. Otherwise, just buy “Pirates of Silicon Valley” online and get a more polished movie that tells more of the truth. That being said, I am looking forward to the next movie about Steve Jobs that actually has Woz and Jobs’ family working with the filmmakers.


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