G4 is Just Like MTV

I was flipping through channels and saw that the movie The Pacifier was on MTV, and I started watching it because I hadn’t seen the movie in a while. And hundreds of thousands of people are doing the same thing: watching a movie just because it’s on, or whatever the reason is. That’s what most people like when they watch TV. They just want to find something familiar on. That’s why so many people watch shows like Pawn Stars because it’s really designed for anyone to watch. That’s also why MTV stopped airing music videos and music related shows. Sure, there are people who want to watch music videos, but there’s a lot of people that just want to watch some reality show. That’s why MTV airs the Jersey Shore.

The same goes for G4. Sure, there are people that want to watch gaming and tech shows, but there’s a lot of people that want to watch Cops marathons. That is why G4 slowed down on geek related programming, that’s why G4 cancelled Attack of the Show and X-Play, and that is why G4 will not create any more geek related shows. I made a video about how G4 will survive and the Style Network will be replaced with the Esquire Network and I got some comments with people hoping G4 will revive Attack of the Show and X-Play. While it’s always possible, it’s extremely unlikely. Think about it like this: a network’s goal is to get the most viewers. More viewers means more advertising dollars. Those shows, and G4 and TechTV’s previous shows serve a niche audience. So right away, that means low ratings, and network executives know this. They don’t care about fans or engagement, they just want dollars. And Cops marathons bring in a lot of viewers. No matter how many people on the internet make fun of a gaming network airing Cops, people still tune in. The same goes for American Ninja Warrior and Campus PD. They serve anyone. Not to mention most of these shows are reruns anyway, so they don’t need to spend money to make the shows.

So basically, there’s no chance geek programming will return to TV. Just stick to TWiT and Revision3. As for G4, get used to Cops marathons. And honestly, American Ninja Warrior is not that bad.


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