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Nevermind, the Facebook app update is a little better

Odd. One day I post how much I hate the Windows Phone Facebook app and the next, they fix most of the problems I had. So Microsoft, sorry about the post, and thanks.
Oh and Merry Christmas.

Microsoft, Please Fix the Facebook App for Windows Phone

It's odd. Microsoft wants their Windows Phone platform to rise to the top. You can tell. They pay developers top dollar to make quality Windows Phone apps, because that's what a good smartphone platform needs: good apps. So why can't Microsoft do this?

Facebook is a big site. I didn't have to tell you that. They won't make a Windows Phone app, so Microsoft has to step in. People that own Windows Phones would want a Facebook app. You'd think Microsoft would make this great Facebook-like app to lead the way, and show developers and consumers what Windows Phone is capable of. Nope. It's so awful.

Let's go over all of its flaws:

Slow loading times. Like, surprisingly slow loading times. It honestly makes you want to use the mobile browser version.Can't send photos through chat. You're probably thinking who cares. Well, damn it I do. They released an update that put this "functionality" in and it didn't work. I figured "okay, it'…