Microsoft, Please Fix the Facebook App for Windows Phone

It's odd. Microsoft wants their Windows Phone platform to rise to the top. You can tell. They pay developers top dollar to make quality Windows Phone apps, because that's what a good smartphone platform needs: good apps. So why can't Microsoft do this?

Facebook is a big site. I didn't have to tell you that. They won't make a Windows Phone app, so Microsoft has to step in. People that own Windows Phones would want a Facebook app. You'd think Microsoft would make this great Facebook-like app to lead the way, and show developers and consumers what Windows Phone is capable of. Nope. It's so awful.

Let's go over all of its flaws:

  1. Slow loading times. Like, surprisingly slow loading times. It honestly makes you want to use the mobile browser version.
  2. Can't send photos through chat. You're probably thinking who cares. Well, damn it I do. They released an update that put this "functionality" in and it didn't work. I figured "okay, it's a new update, there's probably some bugs, they'll fix it." They didn't. It still doesn't work after months. The button literally does nothing and crashes the app in the process. Great.
  3. Notifications barely work. I don't know if this is a Windows Phone thing because a lot of my apps with the exception of Twitter never give me push notifications when they are supposed to. Sometimes, I just never get notifications. I use Facebook for group chatting with friends, and I'd like to be push notified whenever something is said, except it works once, and that's it. Even with likes or new comments, I don't get the notification.
  4. Design is outdated. When Facebook Home for Android was released, with that came the bubble chat thing on iOS and Android. See, I don't even know that much about it because Windows Phone just doesn't get the new UI updates. Along with other things like Stickers and attachments to chat, we probably won't see that, ever.
  5. Site features are oddly placed. Lets say I get poked by someone. It shows up in my notification drop-down as a button to press. You'd think it takes you to a poke page, right? Nope, it takes you to their profile. So there's a poke button on the profile right? Nope. Nothing up front. You have to know to pull up the menu and press the button that says "poke." No "poke back" or anything reminding you that you got a poke to respond to. This, along with many other unintuitive placements for features can be found throughout the app.
So Microsoft, if you want people to really give Windows Phone, a very distant third place holder, a try, please put the effort you want your developers to put into their apps. Oh, and would you please release the Windows Phone GDR3 update sometime soon? It's been months.


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