AT&T has fantastic customer service

My Nokia Lumia 920’s been acting up. My first 920’s front facing camera somehow got a ton of dust in it, so I called up AT&T and it was covered under my warranty. Great, they sent me a replacement phone, it works good and my front facing camera is completely clean. Now, I’m noticing that the vibration thing is not working and the volume button sometimes stops working and holds down, even though it isn’t being clicked. So I call up AT&T and they tell me that because it was a replacement phone, there’s only a 90 day warranty and it’s been past 90 days. Then, the guy puts me on hold to talk to his manager, and tells me that because we’ve been loyal customers for years, AT&T would give me a free upgrade to any phone. So now, I’ve got a red Nokia Lumia 1520 16 GB coming my way. I cannot begin to explain how unbelievably pleased I am with AT&T. I thought I’d just have to live with the phone for a year until my contract was up, but AT&T is giving me a free upgrade to a new phone. Thanks AT&T!


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