I cannot stand Onision

I just watched Onision’s latest video titled “Why I don’t date emo boys” told from the perspective of some unfortunate actress who is now known as being associated with this douchebag. Either way, I watched it, and it wasn’t funny. It was just really offensive. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who gets easily offended by humor that is not politically correct. I have one twisted dark sense of humor, for example, I laughed all throughout Pulp Fiction. Except at the scene with Butch and his girlfriend, that just annoys me. What I have an issue with is when people don’t know how to be funny, so they just start bashing people with the hopes that someone will laugh. Like during a Comedy Central Roast, they’re not just making fun of celebrities by pointing out random things, they’re using their brain to come up with actual jokes at the celebrity’s expense. Except for The Situation. Onision is like The Situation when it comes to comedy. This video was just hurtful, with seemingly no attempt to try to be smart, just to bash. It’s one thing to be offensive, but actually funny. I believe no one is higher up than anyone else, there’s a joke to be made about everyone. But to be offensive and just hurtful and passing that off as comedy? That’s just cringe-y.
Onision has been down this road before, he’ll make videos bashing on certain groups of people, claim it’s comedy, and then say that he’s in favor of these people and that we just need to learn to take a joke. I think that Onision should just learn how to make a joke. But why should he? With the amount of money he makes with his crappy “comedy” videos, his searching-the-internet-for-photos-he-doesn’t-own-and-then-commenting-on-them-“humorously” videos and whatever the hell he does on his other channels, I think he’ll keep stirring up drama for a long time. Think about it: every time he does something stupid, more and more people start to watch, and all those people equal dollar signs. It’s brilliant, in a fucked up way. It’s completely dishonorable, but it makes ends meet.
Plus, me commenting on his stupidity is really what he wants. Attention is attention is attention.


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