I'm Going Full Microsoft

I don’t know what happened in the past week, but something hit me, and I started to really get into Microsoft services. In order:
  1. I use OneDrive for everything, mainly because Windows Phone backs up all my photos to it, so I use it anyway.
  2. I put all my songs on the XBOX Music app thing.
  3. I’m using a lot more Metro apps than before.
  4. I’m using Bing as my default search engine.
  5. And this one might shock some people, I’m using Internet Explorer.
You’re probably wondering what drugs I’m on to be using IE and Bing.
First of all, I don’t do drugs. Second of all, IE is not as bad as you think. Okay, that makes it sound bad. It’s very good. And it makes text look really smooth on any device. And it’s nothing like it used to be. It’s much faster and just does things really well. So honestly, give IE a good try, as long as it’s IE 11. I can’t really speak for anything else.
Oh and Bing is honestly just as good as Google. Much more cleaner. Although I’ll admit, sometimes the results aren’t as good, it’s still much more pleasing to the eye. That, and I get free money to Amazon through their rewards program. I’ve even shown some people side-by-side results of Bing and Google, and most of the time, they pick Bing. Try it yourself at http://www.bingiton.com/
Don’t be closed minded, and give Microsoft a fair shake. They’re not that bad.


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