New Video - OnePlus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - The OnePlus 3 is still a fantastic phone, I've just been wooed by the Note 7 with its S Pen, waterproofability, edge screen, and TouchWiz! I've said some angry things about Samsung in the past, but I gotta say, this is a great phone. If you really want to pay the premium for it, it's definitely worth it, but the OnePlus 3 is the best flagship phone for the best price. Hardware-wise, they perform the same. Camera-wise, the OnePlus 3 has a nicer front-facing camera, but the rear-facing camera on the Note 7 is phenomenal. This phone feels so great in the hand compared to the OnePlus 3. Battery lives are similar, I want to say with heavy use the OnePlus 3 might get an hour better battery life, but they're very close, but with Samsung's extreme power saving modes, I feel more comfortable with the Note 7. Software-wise, I've been won over by TouchWiz. It used to be ugly, but it's really elegant now. Samsung tends to do more common-sense gestures and placements of buttons than vanilla Android. I just do not understand why there needs to be a Samsung version of the alarm clock, calculator, browser, and photo gallery. The Google ones are fine. Especially the Google keyboard. Samsung's keyboard looks nice, but it lags with multiple apps open and stops autocorrecting for no reason, so I'm glad the Google keyboard is just an option menu away. Otherwise, this is a phone worth the extra money IF you want extra features and Samsung baggage. The OnePlus 3 is a fantastic flagship for a great price with vanilla Android, which is what a lot of people just want. I just wanted to be able to brag that my phone can take notes while I swim. Support Me on Patreon! Links: My Blog - GeekOnIn News and Views - Google+ - Twitter -


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