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$60 vs $9 Shoes

In around the last week of June or the first week of July, I bought a pair of Adidas Neo shoes for around $60. I figure Adidas is a reputable company, and these should last me a bit. A week ago, I noticed on the left shoe, the glue connecting the bottom half of the shoe to the top, the part that seals the shoe, was separating almost completely. This angers me, especially anytime I encounter a puddle, because I am a man who does not appreciate wet socks. Nor do I appreciate a shoe that depreciates so rapidly after some three months. Now look, Adidas is a fine, competent shoe company typically, I probably just bought the shoes that were made Friday night. But this also isn't the first time a pricey pair of shoes crapped out on my in a relatively short amount of time.

Could the fault be placed on me? Possibly. I don't know what the normal life expectancy of shoes should be, but I wear the same pair of shoes every day, sometimes walking around in them for at most 12-13 hours in a d…