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Google Calendar Has Been Redesigned, How About Google Docs?

Google Docs, as well as Google Drive, is a huge business for Google. Throughout high school, and college, I've noticed that fewer and fewer people use Microsoft Office, and choose Google Drive. Of course, when something works, don't break it. However, some things could be improved.

Smarter Spell Check
Microsoft Office does a lot of things right, including spell check. Google Docs is not so great at just automatically fixing when I screw up typing. Google is a search engine company that people use to figure out what they spelled wrong. Why can't Google just Google what I typed and figure out what I meant? Gosh darn it, isn't it the year 2000?Better Design
Google Docs is used by business folk, and business folk don't like change. However, the Google Docs basic design has changed few features, but has otherwise remained exactly the same since 2009. Is this an actual problem? No, but look at what Microsoft Office did with the Ribbon. Look at Apple Pages. They have actuall…

Cars I'd Like to Own One Day

Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved automobiles. I'm not a mechanic, I wish I had that knowledge, I just love driving and being around cars. However, I've never liked the normal cars that most people my age enjoy. Here's a few of them.
2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird
This isn't a car people like for many reasons. It's not fast, and it's designed odd. It was a part of a trend in the early 2000s where American automakers were experimenting with retro designs, like the Chrysler PT Cruiser (which is not that bad), and the Chevrolet HHR (which is horrific). One thing those retro designed cars had in common was they were meant to replicate really fast cars that were big and full of muscle. The PT Cruiser and HHR were based on the Neon and Cobalt, not exactly fantastic starting points. The Ford Thunderbird, however, was based on the same platform as the Lincoln LS, another favorite of mine, and the Jaguar S-Type. While it wasn't exceptionally fast, it still had…