Google Calendar Has Been Redesigned, How About Google Docs?

Google Docs, as well as Google Drive, is a huge business for Google. Throughout high school, and college, I've noticed that fewer and fewer people use Microsoft Office, and choose Google Drive. Of course, when something works, don't break it. However, some things could be improved.

  • Smarter Spell Check
    Microsoft Office does a lot of things right, including spell check. Google Docs is not so great at just automatically fixing when I screw up typing. Google is a search engine company that people use to figure out what they spelled wrong. Why can't Google just Google what I typed and figure out what I meant? Gosh darn it, isn't it the year 2000?
  • Better Design
    Google Docs is used by business folk, and business folk don't like change. However, the Google Docs basic design has changed few features, but has otherwise remained exactly the same since 2009. Is this an actual problem? No, but look at what Microsoft Office did with the Ribbon. Look at Apple Pages. They have actually tried new things to make the experience better. Google Docs could try something new. The old fashioned file menu design makes it difficult to find different options, and Google could create the next big UI. Until then, we're sort of stuck with a file menu system used back when Clippy was a thing.
  • Better Note-Taking Ability
    OneNote is fantastic, as well as Evernote. Google Keep is pretty good, but Google Keep takes the sticky note approach to notes, where OneNote and Evernote take a notebook approach, which may be more convenient to some. Of course, you could just make a folder in Google Drive for notes and treat a document as a notebook, but it just doesn't feel the same.
  • Better PDF Formatting
    This is a minor gripe I'm sure someone else has noticed, but sometimes when downloading a document as a PDF, it simply does not carry over the same formatting for text, like bold text, and placement of text. Can you fix this, Google?
That's all I got for now. I'm sure there are more things to improve, but for now, this would be nice.


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