I'm Old

I was watching the 2002 smash hit Big Fat Liar a few weeks ago, and came to the conclusion watching it that I am now an old person. I will be 22 on the 18th, which may not seem old to some people, but by golly, watching a film I loved that came out when I was 6 years old made me feel like a crazy old person talking about all the things discussed in the film that don't exist anymore.

One scene in particular really stood out. The two main characters are walking up to a receptionist's desk, featuring a Macintosh running Mac OS 9, the receptionist's car keys featuring a Saturn keychain, the main character brings up the TV network The WB, and everyone uses a flip phone, and possibly a beeper. All things that either no longer exist, or have been completely replaced by new technology. All things I remember very well, in fact I can still remember the call sign for my local WB affiliate. I remember using iMacs and iBooks running Mac OS 9. I still love the Saturn cars, and I had a few flip phones. That movie is now old enough to drive a car.

It's not just that magnificent movie that also enforces my old-ness. The TV channel Spike is rebranding on my birthday into the Paramount Network, an evolution of UPN, which is another thing that doesn't exist anymore. Spike was initially TNN, and then The New TNN, which means "The New The Nashville Network." I still remember when it rebranded in 2003. I didn't watch the channel, as being 7 years old, I wasn't in the demographic, but I was aware of it.

I still look out for Ford Crown Victoria cop cars when I drive, I still think the 2006 Ford Fusion is a new car, and every so often, I am still amazed that I can go on the internet anywhere with my smartphone.

I'm old.

Also, if there's anything I would tell myself as a kid about the future, I'd at least tell him I have a sweet email address now, anthony@guidetti.me.


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