Why I Love Radio Over Spotify

I love Spotify. I've used other music streaming services like Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Groove Music when that was still a thing, but Spotify just works well for me. It's clean, and easy to find all kinds of music. What it doesn't offer, however, that Apple Music and iHeart Radio do offer is an actual live radio station selection. I rarely use them for whatever reason, although I must admit I while writing this I want to reconsider a personal library choice. I mainly use Spotify because it's all music I added myself. When I do listen to my own music library, although it's all music I have chosen, I just feels weird to me.

There's something about turning on a radio and having music just play. The same goes for television, there's a playlist someone else created for me to consume. It gives a sense of being connected with the world that you simply don't get with a personal library of music. You just feel less lonely, especially driving in the car. Even if it's music I'd otherwise skip on my own library, I still listen to it just to find out what's next, or even to find out that when I can't skip a song, I actually like it and I remember why. From terrestrial to satellite to the internet, we all connect someway.

I have thought this for years, but was surprised to hear in an Andy Richter interview that he too feels the same way, so others must feel the same too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on live radio, either in the comments below, or at anthony@guidetti.me


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