Quick Pros and Cons of the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

I recently returned my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and decided to get the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra. I got the Sony because I played with it at Best Buy, and really enjoyed the experience, and as I researched more into it, I found I really liked the phone. Now, after having the phone for a week, here's some thoughts on my experiences.


  • Great 6 inch screen. Although it's only 1080p, it's Samsung-vibrant, which I like
  • Great battery life, easily can get through a heavy-use day with time to spare at the end of the night.
  • Great camera; another reason I wanted this phone is because I love my Sony a5100 and the camera is pretty dang nice on this phone I must say.
  • Fast. 6 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 630 are just fine on this beast.
  • Poor ergonomics. This phone is huge, not as easy to hold as the S8+, bulky as hell, and pretty heavy.
  • Horrible screen rotation algorithm. I've used big phones before, but this one is extremely sensitive to the slightest tilt of the screen. Now, that would be fine if it was easy to rotate the screen on any rotation, but it's only easy to turn the screen into landscape mode; trying to get it into portrait mode is a chore, as for some reason, the phone just does not believe it could possibly be right-side up. It's beyond annoying and inexcusable.
  • Too easy to accidentally press sides of screen. Going from the Samsung's Infinity Edge screens, you'd think I'd have not-pressing-the-sides-of-the-screen-when-I-don't-mean-to down pretty easily, but nope. Without a case, you'll be pressing the sides of the screen every time, and it's hard not to because this phone is huge.
  • Poor connectivity. I've had many phones on T-Mobile, so I know based on experience that the coverage around here is fine. However, when I'm at work, which is a near total dead zone for any GSM or CDMA network, I leave work, and the phone wants nothing to do with connecting to T-Mobile and roams on AT&T. I know there's T-Mobile working just fine, because my last two phones worked just fine, but nope, I have to drive a mile down the road for the phone to actually connect to T-Mobile again. This even messes up with WiFi. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed with software updates, but my God, if it can... Sometimes this can be solved by a system restart, so who knows. Also, I can't get WiFi Calling to work, so Sony please fix this.
  • Weak flashlight. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ allows you to adjust the brightness of the flashlight. This is on what would be setting 1 or 2 on the S8+. Bad.
There's a lot more cons on this list than pros, but understand I really like this phone. If Sony could fix a few of the issues in software, it'd be damn near perfect.


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