Quirks and Features of the 2012 Ford Fusion

The 2012 Ford Fusion is your standard mid-size American four-door sedan. It has four wheels and a seat. It also has many quirks and features. Here's a few with my first week of ownership.

  • Ford Sync was at one point the best in the business. Not many cars had a robust voice assistant that could connect to your smart device or USB drive to manage phone calls and music. However, a lot has changed since its introduction in 2007, and attempting to navigate the system on a dot matrix-style display is cumbersome. Many features simply don't work anymore, and interacting with it is a chore compared to newer systems.
  • The stereo is just hard to use. Ford separates the various media in four categories: AM/FM, Sirius, CD, and Aux. Aux is the lone confusing segment. Aux is the gateway to Ford Sync. Ford Sync handles the line in, Bluetooth audio, and USB. When you first turn the car on, line in is the default. To get the radio into Bluetooth, you either have to tell the voice command system "Bluetooth audio," or press the menu button on the radio, scroll until you see "sources," and then Bluetooth audio. Why I can't just cycle through the aux button is beyond me, but what are you going to do.
  • I haven't driven an automatic regularly in over three years, and I'm still getting used to how this works, but that's a me problem, not so much the car.
  • Backup camera is nice, along with BLIS, however, I'm still getting used to the camera display being on the rear-view mirror. Kind of tiny and the lines don't move with the wheel turn.
  • Factory Bluetooth is nice I must say.
  • The Sony 12 Speaker, 290 watt system kicks ass.
  • I can't explain this, but I love the wood on the dashboard.
  • Ambient lighting is completely unnecessary, but a baller feature.
  • Great handling for a car that probably never had an owner that cared about that.
  • Capless fuel system: we're in the future, we have no time for caps now.
  • Every car should have this: that keypad on the door that lets you lock your keys in the car, one of the many reasons I love buying Fords
Some minor grips include wishing I had been able to find a Sport trim level Fusion with the 263 hp V6 engine, but hey, the 4 cylinder gets the job done and gets better gas mileage. Overall, a joy to drive.

UPDATE (06/01/18 9:05PM): I'd much rather have a Mercury Milan or Lincoln MKZ, but this'll do.


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