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Thoughts on Winter Driving with my FWD Ford Fusion

In October 2016, I bought a 2013 Jeep Patriot Sport 4WD for some $12,000-13,000. It was a base model: crank windows, manual locks, manual mirrors, 5-speed manual (which I prefer), but it did have air conditioning, cruise control, and light-up cup holders. I bought it because I had Wrangler fever, but couldn't afford anything more than $12,000, which in my area can't get you anything newer than at least a ten year old vehicle, with 100,000 miles. Not to mention I drive a fair amount of miles every day, so bad gas mileage, on top of five year loan where if I keep it for the entire duration of the loan, would tack on 60,000 miles. Now, I'm rooting for America's automotive underdog Chrysler as much as anyone, but I had little faith in this being a solid financial decision. So, a 2013 Jeep Patriot looked sort of like a Wrangler from the front, and it had 50,000 miles on it, so why not.
A year and a half later in the summer months, I found myself having some issues with the …

Why Can't Bluetooth Just Work, And Other Gripes

In 1998, Apple removed the floppy drive from the then-new iMac, which caused some concern from die-hard floppy drive users. However, the compact disc was far superior, so as a replacement for the floppy drive, it just made sense. Plus, if a user needed to use a floppy disc, a USB drive could be purchased. Thus setting a trend to end the floppy drive. In 2008, when Apple removed the DVD drive from the MacBook Air, it was met with criticism, as CDs were still used to play movies on the go, and to install software. However, Apple had introduced movies and TV shows on the iTunes store, allowing users to download what they purchase to the computer, and software was beginning to show up as downloadable, with internet speeds increasing. There was an obvious better option than DVDs. If a user needed a DVD drive, they could use another computer and share the drive, or plug in a USB DVD drive. Thus starting a DVD-less trend. I can remember clearly in 2008 that while optical discs were still in …

What I Want My Next Car To Be

I still love my 2012 Ford Fusion, however that doesn't stop me from thinking about the next AnthonyMobile. So when my car payment is paid off in five years (if I can wait that long), here's what I'm currently thinking about getting at that point.

Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator - Simply from a financial perspective, the Wrangler is a great deal because it often ranks #1 on lists of vehicles that hold their value the best. From a coolness perspective, it's pretty darn cool. It's the ultimate summer/winter car. It's a convertible, and it's a four-wheel-drive beast. With the new 4 cylinder engine, it even gets decent gas mileage. AND it can be optioned with a manual transmission. What more can you ask for?Toyota Prius AWD - I put this next on the list on purpose. One thing that makes the new Wrangler more palatable is the better fuel economy. Combined, it gets 24 MPG, which is pretty darn good. But what about at least 50 MPG? That sounds good to me. Not to mention, the…